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Kitten food is formulated to be very rich and Nutritious and ideal not only for kittens but also pregnant cats, in their last two - three weeks and give nursing mothers the extra energy to support growth.

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Cat's Development in 6 Stages: From Kitten to Adult House Cat

The 6 Stages of Your Kitten's Development:

  • Phase 1: The kitten opens its eyes, but still needs its mother's closeness.
  • Phase 2: The first few weeks are marked by sleeping, growing and developing milk teeth.
  • Phase 3: After a month, kittens begin to walk and eat solid food.
  • Phase 4: Up to six months, cats grow steadily and go through the tooth change.
  • Phase 5: After about seven months, cats become sexually mature (males a little later).
  • Phase 6: After about a year, the growth is complete and your cat is an adult.

Character: Life Lessons from the First Year of Life

In addition to physical growth, kittens go through major character changes in their first year of life. After birth, kittens learn important basics, such as grooming and hunting, from their mother and/or siblings. Once they arrive in your home, you will be responsible for their care, socialisation and development. To help your kitten settle in and cope with new, everyday situations, offer them opportunities to retreat to a quiet room or den. 

Attitude and Upbringing: Tips For a Relaxed Cohabitation

Kittens have great demands for their new home. Besides a place to rest and hide, a kitten needs at least the following basic equipment:

A cat-safe household should be free from hazards such as poisonous plants or windows without anti-tilt protection right from the start. On the other hand, what should not be missing in a cat household is patience and understanding.

When practising with the litter box or showing limits, the most important principle of kitten training is: praise instead of scolding - even if that is particularly difficult during the cat's puberty. In addition to education, which is simplified by, for example, clicker training, fun play should not be neglected.

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