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Just like humans, some of our furry friends can experience sensitivities to their environment or what they eat. These can manifest in a variety of ways, including allergies, digestive issues and skin problems. Regardless of how sensitivities present, they can be very uncomfortable for a pet and may irritate them or agitate their sensitive skin. Fortunately, with the help of the right nutrition, you can support pets with environmental or food sensitivities and help them live their life to the fullest.


Hill's Science Plan Hypoallergenic 

Formulated for pets with sensitivities, with limited high quality novel protein sources & no grain

- Gentle on the stomach with easy-to-digest ingredients

- With omega-3s and -6s for healthy skin

- Selected sources of high quality protein and no grain

Environmental & Food Allergies

Derm Complete

Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete

Visible skin healing in as little as 21 days in dogs with food allergies.

- With fatty acids to help support the skin barrier against environmental irritants year-round

- Single novel intact protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food

- Nutrition shown to reduce night scratching & improve sleep quality

Food Sensitivities


Hill's Prescription Diet z/d

Nutrition clinically proven to reduce skin & digestive signs from food intolerances.

- Hydrolysed animal protein to help minimise signs of adverse food reactions

- Increased levels of essential fatty acids & high levels of vitamin E help promote a healthy skin barrier

- With a proven blend of prebiotic fibres that helps provide excellent stool quality

Digestive health

Stomach and skin
Hill’s Science Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin

"Supports digestive health with prebiotic fibre and promotes beautiful coat

- High digestibility for optimal nutrient absorption & easier stool pick-up

- Vitamin E & omega-6 for skin nourishment

- Prebiotic fibre to fuel beneficial gut bacteria & support a balanced microbiome"

Allergy & Skin Care


Hill's Prescription Diet d/d

Helps reduce food intolerances and supports skin health.

- Limited ingredient nutrition with single animal protein

- Formulated without soy protein

- High levels of omega-3s to help maintain a healthy skin barrier

Environmental Sensitivities

Derm Defense

Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Defense

Supports skin health and skin barrier to help protect from environmental irritants.

- High levels of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids drives healthy skin from within

- With bioactives and phytonutrients to support healthy immune response

- Clinically proven antioxidants, including vitamin E help soothe & nourish the skin & coat

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Nutrition led by science and loved by pets

Nutrition Led by Science and Loved by Pets

Hill's science-led nutrition is formulated to anticipate pets' ever-changing nutritional needs. Developed by vets, nutritionists and food scientists, Hill's is vet-recommended pet food, scientifically formulated for pets' unique needs, at every lifestage.

Home to our #1 taste testers

Home to our #1 Taste Testers

Hill's global Pet Nutrition Centre is where we care for 900+ dogs and cats to help us better understand pets' biology and optimise our ingredients accordingly — so your pet has the best nutrients for their best life.

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The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love programme has helped more than 12 million shelter pets find forever homes, provided more than €284M in food and partnered with over 1,000 animal shelters worldwide since 2002.