Hill's SCIENCE PLAN Products for Dogs & Cats

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Every animal deserves a diet that can keep up with its changing nutritional needs. From supporting better mobility in dogs to preventing hairballs in cats. Hill's SCIENCE PLAN food has been developed for all stages of life of healthy animals.

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Products for Dogs by Age

Products for dogs according to special needs

no grain dog NOW NEW: No Grain

Grain-free recipes, adapted to the needs in different phases of the dog's life.

small & mini Small & Mini

Scientifically adapted to the needs of small dog breeds.

Perfect Weight Perfect Weight

Clinically proven nutrition to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

light Light

Precisely balanced diet for less active dogs with lower calorie requirements.

Senior Vitality Senior Vitality

Scientifically developed to improve the vitality of older dogs.

Healthy Mobility Healthy Mobility

Specially designed to promote joint health for an active life.

Products for Cats by Age

Products for cats according to special needs

No Grain NOW NEW: No Grain

Grain-free formulas, scientifically developed with essential taurine for a healthy heart.

Sterilised Sterilised

With unique weight management formula that helps neutered cats stay slim.

Light Light

Precisely balanced diet for less active cats with lower calorie requirements.

Hairball & Indoor Hairball & Indoor

Special formula to prevent hairballs in indoor cats.

Oral Care Oral Care

With the clinically proven formed kibbles to reduce plaque and tartar.

Stomach & Skin Stomach & Skin

To promote healthy digestion, for healthy skin and shiny coat.

Perfect Weight Perfect Weight

Innovative nutrition for weight management, clinically proven to support weight loss and maintenance of an ideal weight.

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A difference you can see, feel & trust


Hill's animal food is developed by veterinarians, nutritionists and food engineers.


The Pet Nutrition Centre helps Hill's develop a diet that's one step ahead - for the best life of your pet.


Hill's supports shelters with food that changes lives to help shelter animals find a permanent home.