Charity Overview 2019

zooplus helps: our donation highlights 2019

The zoolove Charity Week

The zoolove Charity Week

To commemorate our 20th anniversary, the Charity Week took place in June 2019. And because 20 years of zooplus were a real reason to celebrate, we also donated 20% of the retail price of zoolove products to a good cause. The international animal protection organisation FOUR PAWS was selected as the donation recipient. During the campaign period, a donation of €159,000 was collected, which benefited the organisation's diverse animal welfare projects in Europe.

Charity of the Month Partners

Every three months, teams up with a British pet charity to give you the chance to help animals that are not as lucky as your own. You collect zooPoints each time you shop at zooplus and these zooPoints can be donated to the nominated charity in our Reward Shop. At the end of the three-month partnership, we convert your generous zooPoints donations into a fantastic parcel of food and accessories for our chosen animal charity.

Thanks to each and every one of you, in 2019 we managed to donate roughly 60 to 70 parcels to each of our wonderful charity partners - filled to the brim with food, toys and accessories!

Here are some pictures of the parcels received by our chosen Charity of the Month - food, treats and accessories!

Ferne Animal Sanctuary
St Giles Pet Food Bank
St Giles Pet Food Bank volunteers

Our Charity of the Month Partners for 2019:

Ferne Animal Sanctuary (Nov 2018 - Jan 2019)

Ferne Animal Sanctuary

♥ Ferne Animal Sanctuary act as a refuge for animals of all shapes and sizes from across the county and beyond. They rescue and re-home animals within a forty-mile radius of the sanctuary.

♥ With the help of our customers, lots of lovely parcels of food and supplies were donated to help the dogs, cats, kittens and small animals in their care.

Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome (Feb 2019 - April 2019)

Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome, Cornwall

♥ Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome take in any kind of animals (but mostly dogs) that other rescue centres cannot. These include ex-bait/fight dogs, the aged and terminally ill. Some animals go to the charity for rehab and are then rehomed or stay for life. Others simply go to spend their last days surrounded by love after a life of neglect and abuse.

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary (May 2019 - July 2019)

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

♥ Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary provide a refuge for dogs, cats and rabbits who have been mistreated, neglected or abandoned. They admit and rehome roughly 500 animals each year and care for around 130 animals daily.

♥ With the help of our customers, over £2,000 was raised for Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary and over 60 boxes of goodies were donated.

Borders Pet Rescue (Aug 2019 – Oct 2019)

Borders Pet Rescue

♥ Borders Pet Rescue rehome over 200 animals every year. They take in unwanted, abandoned and lost animals and provide veterinary care and behavioural training where necessary in order to improve their chances of finding a new home.

Greenacres Rescue (Nov 2019 – Jan 2020)

Greenacres Rescue

♥ Greenacres Rescue is an all animal rescue centre which offer a rehoming service for all domestic animals. They also provide a sanctuary placement for some large animals to live out their lives. They have a strong connection with local councils who work with them to provide a service to unclaimed stray dogs. Their catchment area is UK wide.

Donations from zooplus warehouses

Donations from zooplus warehouses

Zooplus have a low return of goods. Nevertheless, it can happen that a customer sends the goods back. All returns are checked upon receipt. If a product returns to us undamaged and unopened, it will be carefully checked by us. The products classified as reusable are donated to selected, registered animal welfare organisations in various countries.

Time to share: The zoolove Christmas donation

We donate an additional 20% of the market value of all zoolove products!

Christmas – a time for togetherness, reflection, love and tranquility. But it is also a time for gifts and giving.

We believe that all pets deserve love, affection and care throughout the year, not just at Christmas. That’s why, together with you, we support charities and their excellent work all year round.

During the weeks before Christmas, zooplus will increase the zoolove donation share to 20%! If you want to do something good together with us, then pop a zoolove product in your basket for your pet to enjoy next time you shop before 22nd December. The donation of 20% of the sale price of this item will benefit an animal welfare organisation. We will announce the recipient of the donations at the end of the campaign. Our existing Charity Partner of the Month will receive an additional 20% on top of the 10% they'd usually get as part of this donation campaign. 

Nominate a Charity!

We are always on the hunt for our next Charity of the Month which is why we are asking for YOUR help! If you know of any deserving, registered charities that could make good use out of pet food, toys and accessories then please send us a message via our Facebook Page!