08/25/21 | Katy

My dogs are very happy!

All 4 of my dogs love this food. It’s highly rated and affordable. Great to know I’m feeding my dogs a good quality product and it’s not breaking the bank. My 14 year old spaniel was suffering a bit with a sensitive tummy but this food seems to have sorted her out, no more issues! A very very happy customer here!!

08/07/21 | Robert Garbacz.

Hello, really good stuff in the right price 🙂

I'm bay that product, before, because am reading a lot about dogs, learning,All my life, love dogs sou match.Only with respect, suggest to many of people, care for all animals, Always; Good luck, Best regards.

07/22/21 | Liv

Absolutely fantastic

This food is great, it gets over 80% nutrition rating on All About Dog Food and our dog loves it. We always get solid poo now, whereas before we got horrible poos that we couldn’t even pick up!

03/10/21 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Finally some kibble that my dog chews properly. She prefers the lamb ones but she still eats these ones. The only thing that strikes me as a bit weird is the small portion but my dog is doing great

02/28/21 | originally published in zooplus.it

Great product,. very appetising

Finally my 3 dogs are all in agreement. At first I did not stick to the doses on the package because they seemed too low ... The result? Overweight dogs and bad stools. Then I realized that because of the processing it takes much less, the dogs are back in shape and now everything is fine.

12/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Delicious !

We have 8 dogs of different breeds, sizes and preferences. Every single one loves this kibble - I thought they looked like wood pellets but the dogs don't care! I think the shape helps with the teeth. We also use them as training treats! Less fat which is great even for the older dog, the greedy dog or the dog who has weight problems.


100% recommended

I have two doggies, one weighing 25kg and one who's just 2 and half kilos, and both of them love this food. I have been using this food since I've had them and they are still not bored of it. I was very worried about their nutrition so I asked the vet and she told me it was a good choice and that she even gives it to her own dogs. Lastly, the value for money is unbeatable so I would recommend it 100%.

08/28/20 | Mike

They both love it!

Both our 9yo Collie and 1yo Schnauzer x Weimaraner love this, mixed with a bit of water it really softens up and forms a paste which is good for the collie who likes to think she's eating wet food!

08/13/20 | mary

dogs won't eat

I didn't realise I was ordering this make, I've tried their wet food and dogs wouldn't eat that, not thinking I ordered this as a lot cheaper than my Wolf of the Wilderness and food list looks good on allaboutdogfood. I have one fussy eater, the other will eat anything but not impressed with this. I know one dog doesn;t like big pieces but we soaked and added fresh mackerel but still wont eat so have to reorder Wolf of the Wilderness and hope for special deals.

06/28/20 | Lisa kelly

Fussy labradoodle, clean bowl every night

We have a 9 year old labradoodle and over the years we have tried numerous varieties and after a few weeks he gets bored and refuses to eat. Did some research for good quality food and decided on this because of reviews and meat quantity. Amazing we have been using this for about 2 months and the bowl is clean every time!! No more rumbling tummy and another bonus is that he doesn’t need as much of this so cost per meal is great

03/28/20 | originally published in zooplus.es


We tried food that was much more expensive and being a puppy he loved it at first but quickly grew tired of it, so I decided to try a cold pressed food with natural nutrients and for adult dogs to keep him satisfied for longer and truth be told he absolutely loves it

02/15/20 | Izzie

GSD loves this food

Great ingredients for the price. Keeps weight on my high energy dog (unlike a lot of other foods).

02/03/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


Excellent kibble at an affordable price, my 3 dalmatians love it and haven't had a single health issue

01/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My 3 little dogs (the heaviest being 7.5kgs) love the chicken/salmon as well as the beef/duck. No problems at all with this kibble: they love every bite:-))) Thank you for helping me to discover this brand.


new 10kg: rice replaced with corn

I was happy to see the new 10 kg package, good thing I decided to look at the ingredients - half of the rice in the original recipe was replaced by corn. I am not going to buy this brand again.

02/04/18 | Taff


My 3 GSD love this food and have done for over 5 years

12/20/17 | Mr D

An unqualified review

I am not a Vet so this review is based on a laymans findings. We have a Westie (they can be quite sensitive to diet) & a rescued spaniel who will eat anything! Even 1 of our cats will have a go at it given a chance! They both seem to enjoy this food (coming from Burns), yes they seem to drink 'slightly' more & there does seem to be a lot more 'mess' in the garden for me to clear up :( The spaniels coat is still VERY shiny & both dogs have plenty of energy! No skin issues with the Westie.

11/30/17 | Mina

Food smells very bad, dog refuse to eat it

Received a brand new package with 2019 expiry date, opened it and this dog food smells particularly bad and the kibble is very hard in comparison to anything else I have purchased in the past and the dog totally refused to eat it. It went on a complete hunger strike, for days refused to eat the Lukullus food. I had to throw it in the bin.

09/30/17 | Debra Hunt

Recommended for sensitive stomachs

After some research I switched my pug & frug from Purizon to Lukullus. The richness of Purizon produced so much gas and runny poos from my frug who has a sensitive stomach. The food is very heavy and compacted, so it doesn't look much when you feed twice a day so weighing is essential to avoid overfeeding. Poos are now compact and my stinky boys are much more fragrant.

08/21/17 | Jade

Did not agree with my Labrador

This diet gave my 3yr chocolate lab terrible diarrhoea and made him drink excessively. It looks good quality and he scoffs it down, but just doesn't agree with him.

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