02/10/21 | Alan

Our cats

Our Cats love it, and their coats fill lovely and silky smooth

01/30/19 | Marlies Boydell

Good value but my cat won’t eat it

I bought this instead of Iams Light and it looks fairly good and the price is great. But despite being a very unfussy eater, my cat won’t eat it. She will eat it mixed with wet food, perhaps that covers the smell.

05/30/14 | karen sanders

all 3 cats love this

I have 3 cats 2 of which are overweight, I've been trying without success to bring their weight down. This is working slowly but even the one who doesn't need to lose weight loves it ( she just gets a little more than the others). Its a really good food for quick eaters like my girls that eat then bring food back up, because they have to crunch this so it slows them down,I've had no trouble with Sicky cats since using this.. All round great product and great value.

03/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

cheap and very good

My two cats are really into this dry food. They all stick around for dinner time whether I serve tinned food or dry food.

11/09/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

great, my cats have lost weight

First time round I ordered Smilla Poultry with my zooplus points but my cats are also crazy about the Light version. They've all lost weight and the vet is very happy. Great value for money.


Good for picky eater who needs to lose some weight!

My cat is 1/2 bengal, and put on weight, but hated the other cat-foods we introduced to curb this. You have to introduce it slowly though, by mixing it with a food you know they like at first. Otherwise, most cats will find the change too abrupt and reject it (cats are not generally keen on change!).

04/24/13 | Shreena

Excellent value

A high-protein, high-volume, low-calorie dry food. Milton wolfs down his meals so there's no way I'd be able to feed him the brands that recommend 45g a day, but I can give him up to 80g a day (he's almost 5kg) of Smilla for around the same price. He loves it so much they even work in his treat/excercise ball!

04/15/13 | Y Thomas

Surprisingly good

I was very dubious trying this product - it is so cheap compared to other light foods I was using. My cat has been overweight for years (she started at 8.9kg when I first got her). As an ex-feral cat she gulped her food and often brought it back up. I eventually decided to give it a go. Firstly the kibbles are larger than most I've tried so she can't just swallow them and has to crunch them, also good for cleaning her teeth. Since using this she doesn't bring her meals back up and seems more content between meals too. Also her weight loss has improved (200g over the last 2 months bringing her down to 5kgs although I have had to weight and give the lowest portion for her weight. The vet is really pleased with her most recent progress. I had thought I would just have to return to more expensive products and that it wouldn't work or that she wouldn't like it but I think it's absolutely great (so does Bella) and I'm so glad I tried it. Will be ordering more.

04/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

it really works

My cats love this food. And thanks to careful portioning and the food ball, they've already lost some weight and can climb higher in the trees. We're definitely seeing progress with Smilla Light!

04/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

very good value for money

Our cats love it. We've been feeding this to them for a few years now and remain loyal customers.

03/25/13 | Nicola Kettlewell

My cats will not eat them!

I have 2 cats, one of which is very greedy, hungry and a little over weight. My other cat just has a normal appetite. Neither of them will eat them. I have left them down for a few hours and not fed them anything else and they will still not eat them. It might be something to do with the size of the biscuit which is a lot larger than other cat biscuits, but they just sniff them and walk off. I now have a 4kg bag of biscuits my cats will not eat.

02/22/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

nice big kibble

Finally my 2 BKH cats (7 months old) have stopped gorging themselves so much. They love this food. Ok, they do eat it all up, but more slowly. Only problem is that when they are chowing down, it tends to stink up the whole house.

10/19/12 | Ki


I started my 6 cats on this 4 weeks ago. They all gained a lot of weight after being neutered, eating their usual amount of food (free feeding) even though they didn't need as much. They are losing weight at a nice rate, not too fast, not too slow. The ones troubled by hairballs also do not seem to be as affected anymore. I gave sme to my parents 4 cats and my sisters 2 and they all love it despite being fussy eaters, so now I have to order for everyone.

09/12/12 | Gail

Greedy Cat

I have a greedy maine coon who likes to yawn and swallow without chewing & later brings his food back up. I've just bought these biscuits and he loves them and crunches up every biscuit and keeps his food down. I always weigh his food so hopefully he will lose weight too.


A big thumbs up!

We have a cat who, unfortunately, is overweight and has been on a diet for several years! We've tried many different makes of low calorie food but Smilla Light is the one that he really enjoys eating and the one that's given him a beautiful glossy coat, he's also losing weight and looks very trim! I would definitely recommend Smilla Light, to any one with an overweight puss, it's not only effective but it's healthy, low cost, alternative, to many other low calorie cat foods.

05/02/10 | M Woodroofe

Smilla cat food for indoor cats

Excellent product and very good value my 3 cats much frefer this product to Hills Science