11/29/21 | Betty


I buy this for our visiting hedgehogs after taking advice from @hedgehogcabin rescue. It's excellent as a supplementary food for hedgehogs and ours love it and are thriving.

08/09/21 | Helen

Smelly farts!

I gave these a go, my kittens (male, British shorthair) who were below 1yrs of age (now cats 1yr&3mths old) loved them but I didn’t like the smelly farts that went with them! Switched to Feringa dry (but still give them smilla wet food) and farts went away. Happy furparent now.

08/05/21 | Julia in Putney

Best Food For Hedgehogs

@HedgehogCabin, a small, expert hedgehog hospital in Hampshire, UK, recommends this food for hedgehogs as it is high in protein and just what hedgehogs need to supplement their natural diet of insects. She is right, our hedgehogs in Putney Common love it. Please do feed your hedgehogs and leave out water. They desperately need it as insects are scarcer due to destruction of natural habitat. And remember, hedgehogs do NOT eat slugs unless they are desperate. Slugs give hedgehogs lungworm.

08/01/21 | Hedgehog Cabin


Cat or dog food is the only safe food to feed your visiting wild hedgehogs, and Smilla Kitten is absolutely perfect! With meat as the first listed (therefore main) ingredient and its excellent phosphorus to calcium ratio, it really is the best, complete, nutritionally balanced kitten/hedgehog food. And the price is great - exceptional value for money. I use it at the hedgehog hospital I run, and the hogs love it.

02/28/21 | Clug

Smilla biscuit for kittens

My cats Bengals and Siamese are fussy eaters and normally are sick a lot, not with this brand. They fight over who finishes first.

11/30/20 | georgia hill

Mine are doing well

One Russian and one maine coon kitten. Both doing well on it. Great price.

11/11/20 | Aga

Smilla kitten dry

Great product, my cats love it! Good price.


Loved by all

The kittens love this, they turn their nose up at other brands but not this one. I love it because the economy 2x 10kg option is very good value. It’s a win win situation.

05/02/19 | melanie Jones

Not for us

I initially bought a 3kg pack to see how my 6 cats got on. All seemed good and bowls were empty. The poo smell is horrendous. I bought the 2x10kg pack as it's such good value, worth the smell ha ha! Anyway, I started to notice that my big boy was losing a significant amount of weight. He is a dustbin and will eat anything. I realised he wasn't eating at all. Of course you start thinking the worst as he's 12! Back to Royal Canin I'm afraid

08/27/18 | Agnes Dall

Loved It

We bought 2 big bags, and we quickly found out that we won't be buying anymore food from another brand. It's the only food my cats don't get tired of. They prefer this to pure meat actually!

11/14/17 | naheed akhtar

cats loved it

Having 5 cats. Buying royal canin dry food was expensive. Switched to smilla, my cats loved it. An it works out very cheap. Will be buying again

08/09/17 | Ros sullivan

Great value, tasty food for my 8 cats including a chunky British shorthaired

My cats were originally fed on Royal canin second stage kitten, but it was expensive when you have a lot of cats. So I stumbled across Smilla. I was sceptical to start off but as soon as I opened the pack they went mad! Over it. They love the hearties and the dry food. So I highly recommend it. Very happy cat 😻Very happy pocket/owner 🤗

05/09/17 | KRAZY Kellys PET Rescue

Good foor

I run a rescue & have tried loads of various foods including supermarket & hypo allergenic foods, we only fed kitten dry food 2 all r cats, we have 21 cats in at the moment & they love this food, go mental when delivery comes, had premature litters last year which only started 2 gain weight once on this, after trying more expensive other brand kitten foods, good ingredients 4 a good price!!

02/11/17 | george

Good ingredients but stinky poos!

I work almost full time as a cat sitter so I've become a bit of a pro on the various cat litter hells produced by various foods. I really like the ingredients of this food but I notice that cats don't eat it with pleasure. And certainly I dont clean out the poo it produces with any pleasure. It is VERY smelly, and creates poos that stink out the whole house. Be nice if they could add a neutralising ingredient as otherwise the ingredients are impeccable... Unlike the poos.

10/15/16 | Sue CM


My ragdoll kittens love it however when they break wind it sinks! Lol



i have 4 cats and all of them didn't eat a single bit of this dry food.

02/10/15 | benj

tried them all

This one came out joint top, with our fussy BLH.


cats didn't like it

For some reason none of my cats liked this. Also, it smelled quite strong.

10/08/14 | katrina

waste of money

i breed bengals and none of them like this the kittens dont and my 4 adult cats dont and it has given my female bengal the runs not good there bowls are always full had to go back to my iams kitten they love this always a emty bowl another good one is pro plan junior. thought i would give this one a try something different for the cats to try but wont be doing that again

03/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Both my cats love it!!

My kittens are now 6 months old and I've switched them over to Smilla (wet and dry)...and they love it. Right from the start, they would pounce on these foods. Great value for money. There's hardly any decent value kitten foods out there which don't contain so many derivatives. It smells a bit but so long as you keep it in a sealed box, it's not a problem.