For a product that cost a few quid, has now cost my hamsters health!

I purchased this product for my hamsters. I received on 05/11/21, and put straight in hamsters enclosure. Fast forward to today, 08/11/21, and I noticed my hamster had puss on his belly, and a little abscess. Checked the whole cage and all items inside, to realise this product was quite sharp. I’ve taken my hamster to the vets who’s on antibiotics now, and is hopefully going to be okay. Vet agrees that the tunnel is likely the cause due to sharp bits.


Smells awful

Product arrived in good enough condition but it absolutely reeked to the point where it made me physically nauseous. It smelt like the wood had been damp and didn’t dry properly combined with absorbing the smell of animal dung. The actual product was fine after putting in the oven to disinfect but the stench was so strong my oven now reeks. Maybe this was a dud but didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting a replacement for a £3 product.


Lasted 40 minutes!

I thought this was a good idea, however it lasted just over 40 minutes with two gerbils 😟 I am staggered that it lasted such a short time. Waste of money