11/16/20 | Mrs l

Tiny and does not hold shape.

Waste of money. My rabbits are 6 months old and won't fit through it!

01/17/20 | Claire Anderson

Too Flimsy

Way too flimsy and not suitable for rabbits

12/16/19 | julie


Have never let my rabbits play with this awful cheap tunnel. It does not stay open, looks very flimsy and downright dangerous.

09/03/19 | Abby

Not Safe

It’s too floppy and if an animal to become stuck inside could Ben very dangerous.

06/18/19 | Rebecca

dangerous and very dissapointed this is for sale

I got this for my dwarf rabbit and was very disappointed, its very flimsy, made of a soft material, my rabbit got stuck half way through and it collapses immediately with him inside, so a risk of suffocation and stress, could have been fatal, please take this off the market

04/07/19 | Thelma Fitch


This tunnel had no support and collapsed in a heap as soon as I opened it up, it wasn't a tunnel at all. My rabbits laid on it and chewed holes in it but could not run through it. Is this why it was a lot cheaper I wonder?

03/20/18 | Gwen

Not as described

Doesn't look like it does in the picture, it's extremely flimsy and my rabbits ripped it to shreds in about 5 minutes.

03/08/18 | Nichola Angus


Its a total waste of money, its flimsy and not a "pop up" as you would expect. So it just collapses!

01/31/18 | Charlotte Haines

Rips easily :(

Got this for our dwarf bunnies as they love tunnels, our male had it 5/10 mins and it already had loads of holes in from his claws and where he's had a little test nibble. So disappointed that it's so easily damaged. It's still fine for them to use for now but won't last very long!



The minute my rabbit went inside this it collapsed around her and she could not move. Id hate to think what would have happened if i wasnt in the room at the time.

11/08/16 | Joanna

does not stay up

this is not a good tunnel at all. the fabric is so light and thin it will not stay up as shown in the picture.

07/03/16 | Annie


My guinea pigs manage to run through this once before it collapses. They get upset that they can't get back into the tunnel. Also worried about their claws getting caught in the mesh.



Terrible tunnel doesn't hold.itself up at all. Maybe tied securely.it could be used but the holes in the mesh sections of material seems like claws could get stuck. Mines going in the bin I'm afraid as it's not usable.

03/13/15 | Trudy Allen


I have two dwarf bunnies, and both of them became quite panicked when they used it, unfortunately I had to throw it away as neither of them would have anything to do with it. They both prefer the willow tunnels which are stable and they can chew through safely.


Very dissapointed

I bought this for my dwarf rabbits and my guinea pig. It is next to useless as a free standing toy. It just flops and my rabbit got quite pannicked in it and tried to get out through the orange mesh section. My guinea pig just kept going underneath. It may be alright if you have room to tie it down, which is not practical for indoor use.