07/13/22 | Ieva

A tree of his own!

Putting this together singlehandedly was surprisingly easy. I would suggest get help with attaching the first part of the 'trunk' to the base because there are four bolts to line up. However it can be done and the remaining connections are very straightforward. Lego loves the little feathery birds and so has not really explored the whole thing yet, but he is kept entertained which is what I wanted.

Beautiful design - easy to eat 😝

This is a truly stunning cat tree and very sturdy - but as some of the reviews have said my kittens love to chew the baskets and I can’t see it lasting very long! Would love to be able to get replacement baskets or something to replace them as the tree itself is super sturdy
05/05/21 | Caroline Patterson

Little cat - yes, big cat - no

I bought this for my 2 cats to have their own beds, however my 3 year old 5.4kg Ragdoll won’t use it, she has attempted to use it but it seemed to give way a bit and she jumped off. However, my 3 year old slinky siamese absolutely loves it and spends her days trying to decide which bed to sit in next! Seems a good quality, although she’s already started picking some of the shelf wicker off.
02/12/21 | Caroline Cockwell

Lovely tree. Easy assembly but won't last long with destructive cat breeds.

Loved this tree and I bought 2. I have several Siamese and Orientals who can be super destructive and after 6 months the sisal rope is half shredded on the bottom and the woven flap that sticks out has several holes in it. The mouse thing was was ripped off in days. Saying that these have faired better than many other more expensive cat trees and the beds remain in good condition. The cats love these trees and is always a cat in all the beds at any one time. Over all good value for money.
02/10/21 | Catiecat

Attractive and cats love it but doesn't last long

Pros: It is very sturdy, looks attractive and does not take up a lot of floor space. Cons: we've had this for about three years and the bottom platform has fallen to bits and the baskets are on the way out. The cats love it, though interestingly prefer it without the cushion in - more room to stretch out I guess. They do scratch the baskets and that weakens it. If I could get replacement baskets or if it was cheaper, I would buy another (the taller one). Given the cost, I don't think I will.
05/09/20 | Liz Earl

Very sturdy Cat Tree

Very sturdy and stylish cat tree. Both my ragsdolls like it - although seem a bit nervous about the very highest basket - I have placed it next to another piece of furniture so it is easier for them to jump up and down. Very pleased with the purchase
12/26/19 | Barbara Gardiner

Replacement parts needed

Our two Burmese girls absolutely love this tree. It is in the conservatory and they really enjoy being out there, high enough to oversee the garden. Sometimes they take a basket each and sometimes they both squeeze into the top basket. The one disappointment is that the attachments ( the two baskets and the ‘tray’ ) are not very hard wearing and all three are now very ragged. We would like to be able to buy replacements, but we’re going to have to replace the entire tree.
11/18/19 | Stephanie

Great place for my girl to sleep up high.

When this arrived we loved it but could see my girl cat would struggle to go from flower to flower as not much space in between them. We put the one flower on a different cat tree using the same screw to secure it and she loves this. And as we had a flat base we thought we could put this on the bottom flower instead to use as a perch to get to the top flower. However I don't have a spare bolt for this and have struggled to find one. Would love to be able to eat one do that she gets full use.

Super sturdy cat tree!

My cat loved this immediately. He did have some trouble getting onto the flowers though and hurt himself as they are a bit awkward without a step-up! Put the sofa beside it so he uses this now. Only problem is the bottom trunk is worn out from his scratching and you can't get a replacement. Seems a lot of people would be happier if spare parts were sold.

Lovely cat tree... a bit of a pain to assemble

This cat tree is brilliant. My two cats (both huge!) love this and it’s very sturdy so I’m not worried about them knocking it over. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because we struggled to get it together as the holes didn’t quite line up properly. Overall though I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you have heavy cats!
02/15/18 | Barbara Gardiner

Cats LOVE this tree, BUT...

We bought this tree several years ago and put it in the conservatory. The cats (Burmese, very agile) absolutely love it. The baskets are big enough for two to curl up in together, and they love being up high and seeing out. The downside is that the baskets and the platform are disintegrating and unravelling, and the more loose pieces there are, the more the cats chew on them and the worse it gets. I would like to be able to buy replacement parts rather than having to replace the whole tree.
01/09/18 | Ava

...just one complaint

Fabulous design,my lazy cat is suddenly really agile loves it...and has hardly got out! One design fault...the screws come up too far into the baskets.I had to pad it out as even with the cushions there was still a central lump.yo be felt.

happiness and peace at last

My two cats love this tree: the flower pods are very comfortable, they occasionally fight for the lower one or sleep in it together snugly. They love being there to sleep next to my desk or look at the garden. The reason it's not 5 stars is that it's not easy to get up there, thy have to go via the window and radiator.
08/06/16 | Sarah

Stylish and sturdy

Quick and easy to assemble, providing a very stable tree that allows Gatsby to jump onto the beds and climb up the pillars to play with the elasticated feathery toys (which he loves!) The hyacinth beds could be spaced further apart to make it easier to manoeuvre between the platforms but I assume this spacing is necessary for stability. Most importantly, Gatsby has made himself at home on it and looks rather comfy on the fluffy pillows. Great buy!

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