Lovely but “flowers” and “leaf” are too close together

Looks great and is very heavy. However…the baskets/flowers/leaf sections overlap eachother too much, so my ragdoll cat finds it difficult to jump/climb from one to another (he has to be so vertical coming down that he looks like his hind end could easily flip over his heads) so generally only uses the lowest leaf to perch on. He loves the scratcher part of it. My smaller cat uses the base to scratch on but is not interested in using the rest of tree.

Cats love it so much they destroy it

First order arrived damaged. Extremely heavy for couriers ideally needs to be in two/three robust boxes. Replacement in place and our 2 Devon Rex girls love it. They climb up and down and take turns to sit in petals at different heights but love tearing the petals to bits. So I can’t see it lasting very long and I’m desperate to find replacement petals.

Lovely Cat Scratcher but destroyed very quickly.

I love these cat scratchers and are very popular with my cats but if you are a multicat household and have cats that are prolific scratchers these won't last long. I have Siamese and Orientals and within months the bottom pillar was shredded to the point that the stuffing has been pulled out, then the leaf effect bit was destroyed within the first 12 months. I have them around 18 months now and the bottoms and sides of the beds are slowly being destroyed. Ok if you only have a couple of cats.
01/10/22 | McCarthy


Review and question - Does anyone know if they do replacement baskets. Design is aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the four legged munchkins, however, the fixtures to connect the basket to the base - protruded out and used both cushions to avoid an injuries. The other issue is that the baskets themselves are not hardwearing and have had to play around with - revamping them using alternative materials. I have enquired - and awaiting answer as to whether Zooplus have replacements tbc.
01/01/22 | Vikki


I bought this about a year ago and it hasn’t lasted. Most of the sisal has come off the main tree or fluffed up. My boys don’t claw it excessively as they do have other scratchers around the house (which gave lasted). I was also very disappointed when it first arrived as the middle bolt on the main part of the tree was broken. So I had to get it fixed or return it. So I wasn’t impressed with the brands quality control. The 2 positives were the sturdiness and the pads being removable.

Lovely tree. Shame about the 'petal'

I'm on my second of these trees because my cats love them BUT the petal which is a first step up for them to the beds has not lasted at all well on them. I thought the first tree was just a victim of my new kitten, but they are older now and the second tree petal hasn't lasted at all well - just has big holes in it. We could do with being able to buy a replacement or maybe a solid wood alternative.

Cat's love it, but doesn't last!

My Siberian cats love this tree, but perhaps a bit too much! After less than a year they've destroyed most of the sisal from the lower part of the tree and have ripped off most of the water-hyacinth from the platform section. I can replace the sisal, but I can't find a replacement platform and without this they will find it hard to get up onto either of the 2 beds, so looks like I will eventually have to replace the whole tree.
01/19/21 | Katie

Coming apart

There's no doubt about this cat trees unique look, it really is modern and that's why I wanted it but sadly after only having had it for 3 months the basket leaf part and some of the flowers wicker is coming undone. I wouldn't mind if it had had some hammer but my boy only lays in it and used the scratch post parts. Never seen him biting or scratching the wicker. Can't fault Zooplus though, they've been brilliant with their customer support.
12/28/20 | Linn


My cats LOVE this tree. It weighs so much to put together on your own, which is why it recommends 2 people to put it together. Managed on my own tho. However, now my cats have scratched holes in most of the baskets and I can't seem to find spareparts anywhere.. I really wish there were some so I wouldn't have to throw it out if my cats are a bit scratchy. The material isn't very sturdy and can't stand against cat claws.
07/17/20 | Bethany

Looks fab but my cats are too stupid

I bought this as it looks so much better than other cat trees and it has good reviews. My cats loved their last cat tree so much. Unfortunately they are too stupid to work out how to get in the flower baskets and when I put them in it they freak out.
11/16/19 | Sally-Anne Brand

Cats Love It

I have had this product for over three years, my only sadness is you cannot get replacement parts for water Hyacinth woven beds. Both my Maine Coons love this.

Aesthetically beautiful

Aesthetically beautiful but maneuverability difficult for large house cat (5Kg) as flowers too close to eachother & leaf awkward to climb up from (whichever position). Wld recommend for lithe small cat or kitten. Cat loves if can jump from bed or sill nearby to lowest flower. Slightly disappointed as this has to be moved soon to open plan area..Sturdy yes beyond, but had difficulty doing base screws which were not 'aligned' to holes. Therefore only 3 supporting, but that's fine as still secure.
01/11/19 | Sam Flack

Great design but flimsy flowers

Pls could u make it that u can buy the wicker flowers and leaf as replacements as my cats ruin it within weeks of using it.... if we could buy these as replacements it would be good and not wasteful as I don't want to buy the whole tree again just the beds and leaf
11/11/18 | Ruby


This is my 2nd burchase of this cat tree, the 1st one the baskets fell apart & had holes in them. I will not buy a 3rd. The manufacturer should make these baskets better & give the option of buying replacements at a reasonable price. I get asked a lot about this cat tree but feel I have to make others aware of the flimsy baskets. Such a shame for such a nice looking practical tree. I have had to request a replacement basket because one on arrival was very badly finished off.

Love it - but

This is beautiful, looks good and takes my 4 heavy cats with no problem. Its a good height and the baskets are large enough for a large cat - however putting it together was a nightmare. The holes on the tree did not match up with the holes on the base *(tried every which way, and in the end I had to have the base redrilled. Not what I expect for £80

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