04/14/22 | Ltw

Top bed too small

I was really pleased with this cat tree, kitten loved it from 9 weeks old. Uses all shelves and tunnel. Especially loves the top bed. Unfortunately for him, the top bed is now too small. He is only 4 months old (2 kg) but he is too big for bed now. I did not expect to replace cat tree 2 months into using it.

03/20/22 | Vivien Ward

Fab product

Wow this is Fab. My 9 month cat has a scratch post that she shredded so I thought I would treat her to this. Only took 2 days to be delivered & she was very inquisitive when I was putting together which took 10 minutes. She loves it i cannot get her to sleep in a cat bed but she loves this and sleeps in it all the time. Not sure how long before she pulls off the mice. There is 4 good scratch post's so hopefully will last a good while.Thought was a bit expensive but well worth the money.

12/09/21 | Donna

Super easy to put together

This was super easy to put together. Wanted a smaller cat tree for my bedroom so hopefully when the cats get a bit too scratchy and want to play they will use this. Wishful thinking on my part I'm sure


Mice toys arent durable

Got a kitten and within not even a month one of the mouse danglers has come off. Not a massive problem but you'd think theyd last longer

06/19/21 | Anthony

Exceptional value for the money.

Ordered Wednesday and it came Friday so much faster than I expected. The cats love it, one more than the other who seems to have claimed it as her castle. They tried to help me put it together as they were so excited and they were both playing on it within 5 minutes of finishing putting it together. One of them was asleep in the bottom bed after half an hour of playing. If you're thinking of buying one of these then don't hesitate, you and your cats won't be disappointed.

05/11/21 | Sam

She hasn't moved.

Been looking for a cat tree for ages but none were affordable. Didn't expect much from something so cheap. Put it together easily enough and my cat hasn't moved from it since. It puts her at the right height to ensure she gets the best fusses and there is loads of choice for where she sleeps. Cat is 5kg so not small and it is sturdy enough for her to play with (9 years old has turned into a kitten) the mice. Only downside is She would still rather scratch the sofa 😂🙄


Excellent cat tree

My cat loves this cat tree and wants to spend most his time on there. The toy hanging mice get a battering and they are still going strong ! Very impressed by this I would say it’s better for kittens and smaller cats because my cat only just fits when laying in the beds - but this doesn’t seem to bother him

10/29/20 | Helen

Our little kitten absolutely loves it!!!

Very very easy to assemble, took me around 10 minutes and my kitten was already playing with it before I’d even finished putting it up! He absolutely loves it - we got it so he would stop climbing our curtains and it’s definitely distracted him (for now!)


Great value for money

This is a really sturdy product and a great addition to our home for our cat. I spent a lot of time looking for a cat tree that wasn't too expensive but could handle an adult cat. I finally found it in this product!!

09/24/20 | Philippa

Good for the money

I have had much more expensive cattrees, and thr difference in quality is evident. However, i was surprised at the level of quality considering this was so cheap. The tree has been up for less than 24hrs and my cat has barely left it. He loves it and i am very happy, and have recommended it to friends already.

09/07/20 | Filipa

My kittens loves it

Good quality cat tree; my two kittens love it - ideal for "cat TV" and for a good sleep. I highly recommend this product.

09/02/20 | Lauren

Suitable for Kittens

The description says suitable for kittens and large breeds. It is definitely not suitable for large breeds. Its far too small and the platforms are very flimsy. Overall I'm disappointed in this tree.

06/09/20 | Alexandra Lakatos


My cat love it. Thank you zooplus.

05/12/20 | Riya


We ordered 2 days ago and it arrived 2 hours ago! Absolutely brilliant delivery and service, the tree itself is simple to put up, although written instructions would be good for some, I’m a visual person so the sheet it comes with was great for me! My little girl loves it and has been obsessed (with the tree and the big box it came in!)

03/06/20 | Taz

Great size and quality!

Brought this for my multi cat house, the size is perfect for my adult cats and it’s a huge jungle gym for my kittens. It’s bigger then I thought it was going to be and the quality is really good. I got an extra 20% off my order so really a bargain. Really easy to put together as it didn’t take too long and was pretty straightforward.

01/04/20 | Sibel

Happy maine coon kittens

Not very suitable for my adult cats but perfect for the kittens. Really good price! Really easy to assemble everything had stickers telling you what they were. Would recommend.

11/23/19 | Suzanne Harwood

Cat castle

Bought this for my son's kitten, who loves it. The 2 attached 'mice' are attacked, hard, on a daily basis. Still there 10 weeks later. This cat loves sitting on the top seat. Looks out of the window and talks to us, telling us what is going on 😁 Makes cat and family happy, very sturdy. Very solidly built.


Penelope cat tree

Had this for several months now, but it's still in pretty good shape. Catties love scratching at it and sleeping on it. Very good value for the price, and rather to my surprise, both mice are still present and correct. Only thing they don't use is the tunnel, no idea why.


Excellent value.

This arrived very quickly and I put it together in about 20 minutes. Dear cat " helped" by testing the scratching posts while I was assembling it! She hasn't actually used it yet as she won't get out of the box but I'm sure it will meet with her approval. Be aware it is heavy, best assembled where it is going to live.

04/12/19 | Bevli Neesam


This is my second one my other lasted for many years with 9 cats and is now with my daughter and her 6 cats .still yrs left in it