02/09/22 | Totty B

Could not even open the clips

I normally do not write reviews, but as this harness is at least not suitable for easy use. The clips are so stiff, that it took me a long time to open one. I have small hands, for somebody with larger hands this might even be more difficult. I cannot comment on any more as I was not able to try it out on the cats for fit. But I feel that from a design point of view it should be easy to open and close the clips. However the customer services dealt with the complaint fast. 5 Stars for them.


not for pups

brought for one of the females and doesn't fit right, Defoe for a cat not a pup but quality looks fine


Great value, great design.

I bought this as a trial harness for my Sphynx, as I wasn’t sure how well she’d get on with wearing one. It’s sturdy, easy to adjust (and to clean!) and she didn’t fuss over it at all. For the price, it’s a bargain and I have no need to upgrade it as the quality is excellent.

02/14/21 | Bridget

easy to adjust

It is a good quality harness and my cat looks comfortable in it. The colour looks cute well, goes well with my baby girl's fur. Only wish the lead is extendable, then it would be perfect.

10/06/20 | Catsmother

Good Quality

Very pleased with this. The cat took a few goes with it to feel comfortable but now loves having it put on because it means its walk time in the garden. Having had a very long lasting Hunter collar for a previous cat I felt sure this would be a good buy and have not regretted it. Cat not fully grown yet but an oriental so slim frame, I don't think he will out grow it.


Leash too short

The harness is okay, although when my cat pulls to much, he's choking. The downside is the leash - it's too short and useless. Needed to buy 5m leash separately.

08/24/17 | Mallory Elstub


This harness is great! The one I had before was rubbish and my cat would slip out of it but this one is so secure and comfortable! I have got one short fat cat, and one long thing one and it is just too small length wise for my tall cat.

02/12/13 | Ginette

Benji loves her Hunter harness

My Bengal cross adapted very quickly to her harness, now starts purring as soon as I put it on her. I changed her short lead to a retractable 7m lead though, gives her more freedom