04/11/22 | Monika

Good product

I bought this in place of cardboard ones as they're out of stock. It seems that my cat approved :)

01/31/22 | Jcc

Great but a little unstable

Kitten loves it but I have to make sure it’s against a wall because it’s a little unstable once he jumps on it

10/13/21 | Karen ASPINALL

Not for larger cats.

The concept is ok but the product is weak and poorly made. The sisal patch isn’t long enough for a full grown cat. This product might be ok for a smaller light weight cat FB or kitten. My poor senior cat loves to scratch on sisal and made a valiant effort but she couldn’t position herself in a way that she could scratch effectively. The bridge where the sisal patch is weak so when my 6kg fur baby got on it kept flattening instead of staying positioned.


Love this!

My cat loves this scratcher - her claws are ever-so sharp and she's using it all the time, but it's holding up! She also loves playing underneath it when she has the zoomies! It's a bargain, you can't go wrong with this.


Looks elegant, remains unused

It's a good-looking design; quite elegant. But the cat has completely ignored it since day 1 -- no treats or catnip or anything will convince her to scratch it, or even sit on or near it. She uses plenty of other scratching pads and posts, and I think it's the curved design that is not appealing to cats (or just her), or perhaps that the amount of space inside each curve would only fit kittens or quite small cats. Unfortunate; I plan to donate it.

04/15/21 | Laura

Doesn't get scratched but good hideout

The cat will sit on this, sleep on it, drape over it, hide under it, pounce on toys from it...but doesn't scratch it. I think it's too smooth, so not fit for the purpose I bought it for and have had to buy another type.

03/26/21 | Gillian Miller

Fun for one

I have 5 cats and only 1, an 8 year old tortoiseshell, plays with this. She will suddenly leap on it, scratch it, play with the ball, knock it over deliberately and generally have great fun with it. She will then sit on it and look pleased with herself. She is a very playful cat but the others watch her and look puzzled. It seems to be a Marmite toy.

09/06/20 | RealV

Cats love this

Cats love to scratch it, lie on it, hide under or behind it, use it as an obstacle when playing chasing games. Good quality although some fluff came out of it already. Funnily cats don't mind if it tips upwards or gets a bit unstable under their weight.

09/06/20 | RealV

Cats love this

Cats love to scratch it, lie on it, hide under or behind it, use it as an obstacle when playing chasing games. Good quality although some fluff came out of it already.

06/12/20 | Cheryl Carter


My cat loves this as she can use it in many ways it is very versatile Just disappointed that after mailing me to say it was back in stock, I ordered it and the next day it was discounted another £2 !

12/11/18 | Denise


I have had a few of these inthe past, but this last one I bought from Zooplus is very poor quality. Feels like it is made from cardboard and not wood, it almost flattens when the cat sits on it, it is not as curved as previous ones. There seems to be a bad batch of these out there, I ordered some from other shops and they were the same poor quality.

07/12/18 | Siân

Wave scratchie mat

Out cat loves this - ok he doesn’t use it to scratch but loves to curl up in the dip and sleeps in it all the time like a cat sofa may be not what we got it for but money we’ll spent all the same

11/07/17 | Rosie

Lovely shape

So neither of my cats use this unfortunately - but it still looks nice in the corner of the room! My only gripe is that I poured the catnip (provided) onto the scratching pad and it has gone into the grooves and won't come out. Now the lovely white scratching pad has weird greeny patches which isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing. Sprinkle with care!

06/13/17 | Chris

Scratching fun

My 2 11 month tortoiseshell solve this wave scratch and snooze mat. As soon as I unpacked it they started sniffing it, shortly followed by scratching it then they starting using it to pounce on each other and their other toys. When they've worn themselves out they have a long nap!!!


not very stable

I liked this, but my cat didn't agree with my judgement. She put her paws on the 'upward' edge, whereupon the whole thing tipped up and hit her. Needless to say, she wouldn't look at it again.

01/08/16 | Sophie

Soft, good scratching surface, and a nice shape

As with all cat beds, it's about where you put it as well as what sort of bed it is. We put it on a trunk in the living room window, and she went to investigate and dutifully scratched at the sisal, but no napping. I think it's currently too chilly, and in the summer she'll appreciate it as a spot for basking in sunbeams and watching people in the street. It's now on the floor by my bedroom radiator, and she is nesting in it on a regular basis. She's a small cat, 3kg or so, and fits in neatly.

09/26/15 | Mrs Beal

Excellent For the money

I bought this as a chair / scratch chair for my new British blue short hair kitten / it was here for his arrival 5 days ago and I am so pleased we got this, great product which should last along time - he is only 11.5 weeks old so at the moment he seems so tiny against it - one thing I love is the zoo plus customer pictures as you get to see a product in situ with various size kitten / cats and homes

09/13/15 | Tina

One of my cats loves this

I have 3 cats & this scratching wave was not bought for the cat that loves it, as she was acquired after it was purchased. She absolutely loves it. I have had it for around 2 years and am now thinking of getting a new once as she has used it so much. She really is a typical cat though unlike my other two, as she also likes to sleep in a cat bead and cat igloo. The other two totally not interested in cat items.

07/27/15 | Haley


Well my cats don't seem to be using this for scratching, only for hiding underneath! But at least they're using it for something :p

05/04/15 | Lynda

Much loved scratching mat!

This scratching mat has become a definite favourite of my oriental. I'm even considering a second one for another room!