Absolutely perfect

My cat Belle absolutely loves this it’s plenty big enough very strong easy to put together well worth the money .

04/13/21 | Gosia


I was really exited when i ordered these tree house. When arrived the box was massive and heavy! xD This Banana Tree is worth the money. Very solid made, good quality materials were used to make the baskets and cushions. My cat absolutely love it! Easy to clean, gives a lot of joy to my cat! Be careful, this Banana tree took more space than you think! xD

04/07/21 | Jasmine

Big and Sturdy with unpleasant smell

It is heavy and strong so will definitely last years and years. However It was a nightmare to install the whole thing as some parts are awkward to connect. Found an instruction video on YouTube and noticed the installation instructions looked different from the one comes with the package. Managed to complete the whole thing after a couple of hours. It’s been nearly two weeks and none of my cats ever used it due to its strong smells. Not sure if the smell will fade away.

03/19/21 | Maggie Rattenbury

still looking good

we have had this cat tree now for 9 years now,and the cats still love it it was such a good buy and still in good condition.


Absolutely worth the price - excellent quality and durability

We bought this tower four years ago when we got our two (thenkittens. It’s fantastic quality, very sturdy and far more attractive to look at than many cat trees out there. Our two Burmese boys (quite chunky at nearly 5kg each) still hurtle up and down it daily, romping together, and they love it - it has taken quite the beating over the years but is still standing strong. My only cause to wish to buy a new one (same one again) is that Monty has chewed so much of it - it looks pretty dogeared now


Didn't assemble properly

The instructions are awful. I even looked on youtube but the screws just aren't the right size. I tried to follow instructions to only half tighten, but it's not working. It's taken hours and it's still very wobbly. Such a shame as it's a lovely design and quality - just lacks the right parts.

01/24/20 | michael curtis

will look to buy another

Purchased 8 yrs ago, both of my 5kg moggie cats have lived ,fought and mostly played on this amazing tree -- it is large, i move it around the house, when visible from the pavement outside of my house had people knocking on the door asking from where it was purchased. If you want a tree for your kittens that grow into cats ---get this.

04/14/19 | Helen

Long lasting, good looking and much loved

My cats have used this for five years. The heavy Tonkinese and lighter Devon Rex attack it daily - the smallest perches right on top, scratching the 'roof' several times a day, but it has survived. All take turns in the top cave, basket, scratching posts.. They love the view the height gives - favourite place for sunshine and snoozes. Excellent condition despite 5 years of daily attack. Don't yet need another but would not hesitate - solid, lasts, handsome.

03/25/19 | Caroline

Banana Leaf Cat Tree

I have had this tree for over 2 yrs and an very happy with it. It is sturdy and perfect for my 4 cats. Was ok putting together but well worth the time.

12/05/18 | Val Hartney

Fell down!

After just a few months we came home to find this in pieces on the floor. We have two lazy BSH and a Tonkinese all indoor cats. We are elderly and this was a lot of money for us. We are so very disappointed.


My cats love it but nightmare to construct!

This is my second Cat tree. Great for my two cats. But difficult to put together because the smaller connecting bolts are not long enough to easily meet the connecting pieces. After a lot of bad language and brute force I was successful. I also used one item from previous model which connected more easily as I ran out of steam. If the smaller bolts were actually long enough to reach pieces it would have been easy to put together. But my cats love it so it was just about worth the effort.

02/02/18 | Scott Clarkson

Looks great but have doubts about the quality

I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned the size of the bolts they supply to put this together. If you rely solely on these then I think you're going to find it impossible to put together and if you do manage its not going to be tight enough. Luckily I had some spare from previous trees which fit. Overall now it's up it does look great. The cats like it and the cushions are easy to take off and wash which is another plus. Overall not as solid as I'd expect for the price but time will tell!


No sign of wear after 2 years hard use

Used by 2 tonkinese, one asian, heavy boys. Assembly took a bit of head scratching but no issues. Very robust - three large cats squeezed into the one basket without any problems, it never rocks or tips. The top basket can be pivoted to give the best 'view'. I've moved this up and down stairs a few times; it is solid. After a year the foam inside the cushions started to crumble, so I replaced with fabric. Love the washable the cushion covers. A great buy.

10/15/17 | Susan Baker

My cats love it

Looks good, so easy to put together and I have 3 cats and they all use it. Bargain on zooplus too 😃 I wanted one of these when they first come out but they were £200 then

09/22/17 | Matt

Good product, bad instruction

Just finished putting this together. First thing I will say is considering the price I expected some text in the instructions rather than pictures that you have to guess. Also my unit seemed to have misaligned holes which made it even more difficult. Last thing is the screws seemed too short to pass the leaf and into the hole on bottom of the basket. I had to use some screws I already had to get them to work. That said, it's up and pretty stable so 4 star for product


Still Wonderful 27 kittens later!

This cat tree is sturdy, long lasting, and well loved. I breed rag dolls, with about 1 or 2 litters a year, and three adult cats, and random visiting cats! After five litters and three years, this cat tree still almost looks brand new. I was just checking to see if it was for sale as my clients wanted to know. It is fabulous - the big cats love the shelves and top sections while the kittens love the cave. Love it soooo much!



This cat tree was popular when I bought it 20 months ago - three large boys squeezed into the curved bed together. It is very sturdy, withstanding heavy cats leaping on and off. I have moved it from room to room, up and downstairs, and it is very robust. Currently in my bedroom and the current three cats all use it to look out the window or tuck away for a peaceful nap. They scratch the posts daily, sparing bedroom furniture. And it still looks good!

02/14/17 | Lynn

Banana leaf cat tree

Once assembled, it took my 2 cats a few days to get usd to the huge cat tree. But after that, they love it. Jumping, climbing, scratching, sleeping & playing all revolves around their cat tree. Really pleased with my purchase

02/05/17 | Kate

Wonderful cat tree

We've had this tree for almost 5 years andit still looks like new. It's sturdi enough for our cat to jump on it when playing and run up to the top. Our cat loves it! It also looks great - we even get complements from people who don't have cats! I would definitely buy another one if this one needs replacement (although it looks like it will last for years to come).

02/05/17 | Mummycat

Looks Amazing

This really is a very attractive cat tree once we actually managed, with great difficulty because of very poor instructions, to build it. Unfortunately, because I have 2 large Ragdolls, it was not sturdy enough for them. When they jumped on it the whole thing wobbled so much it terrified them and we had to dismantle it and return it. Zooplus did not quibble and I got the tree uplifted and money returned within days. Excellent service as always.