10/09/21 | Lu T

Not very sturdy

After 5 months use, the cat tree started to wobble and my cat seldom jump to it.

09/21/21 | Jennifer Crane

Easily destroyed

I run a small cattery. Two kittens chewed this and destroyed the banana leaf within a couple of days, which is now hanging off in places, all chewed up. Not strong enough so I won't be getting one of these again.


Tree is worth the money

Tree is worth every penny shame it went missing delivery let it down.


Didn't last long

I loved the look of this, a really nice looking cat tree we could put by the window in the lounge. The cats loved it too. However it didn't last very long, it started looking manky quite quickly. I had two young cats who chewed the lovely woven water hyacinth to pieces - didn't look very nice after that! I think we had it about a year and it has now been replaced with a different more robust model.

01/15/15 | Trisha B

Not Maine Coon Proof

The basic tree is fine - looks great in the corner of the room - but the toys lasted less than a week thanks to 2 Maine Coon kittens!