03/05/22 | julie

Literally hoovered up

Both kitties love these. I'm soooo glad I've found something they both enjoy (and one is a very fussy eater). I can't comment on how good they are for the cats teeth, but they have no trouble eating them.

02/27/22 | Cherie Rayner

Excellent for older cats

I buy this regularly for my 13 yr old fussy, pampered puss. She loves it. My six young cats also like it more than Dreamies, so I give them a little as treats. I find I can't go wrong buying Royal Canin and I use a lot of the range, but this Senior food I highly recommend for an older cat.

02/27/22 | Andrea Bolland

The kibbles are too big

My cats are older and had to have quite a few teeth removed. They were struggling with the large size of these kibbles. The kibbles seem to smell nice and my cats attempted to eat them but they kept choking on them. Since this is a product meant for older cats who likely have some problems with their teeth I don't understand why the kibbles are not made a lot smaller.


My girls love these

I have one furbabe who has had 16 teeth out (so far). I mix these with 2 other smaller shaped Royal canin to give both of them choice & they love them. Yes, I’d agree with one of the other reviewers that it’s probably because they are parcel shaped just like Dreamies x

11/29/21 | Sue Payne

5 cats LOVE this (and only one of them is 12+)

All 5 of my rescue cats love this - I think the texture must be similar to Dreamies, as they turn their noses up when I give them anything else now. Only one of the 5 is over 12, and he eats anything anyway, but even the fussy ones can't get enough of this.

11/07/21 | Chloe


My cat loves the biscuits very crunchy thank you

06/09/21 | Claire Cooper

My cat not even fussy, but.....

My cat is not normally fussy however with Royal Canin 12+ he doesn't want to eat it. He rather eat Royal Canin sensitive than this. But unfortunately due to his grand old age of 20 he needs to be on this food.

05/26/21 | Anna

8 Cats Can’t Be Wrong

We have 8 cats all shapes and sizes and they all eat ageing 12+ it’s there favourite

08/27/20 | Mrs c spiby

Top food

My cats all lovd this foof by Toyal canin .has joint suppliment added to keep them mobile and is aecellent value for momey .top class

07/20/20 | C Catling

Fantastic for my two housecats

I have two house cats one long hair one short hair both from same litter and they have been with me for 19 years. They are fussy and would starve rather than eat something they don't like. These biscuits they both adore. They hardly eat any wet food any more and are bouncing around like kittens. Excellent food highly recommend.


The cats love this

I have three cats, one of whom is 16 and struggling more with his health. He adores this biscuit, in spite of him having become fussy in his old age, he tucks into this, as do the other two. A great product, worth the money.

04/24/20 | Cat lady - Lincolnshire

Ten cats love it!!

I’ve got ten rescue cats, many with food issues but since giving them this food, I’ve seen a vast difference. They all love it too. I used to see a lot of tummy issues but now they’ve stopped, and less ‘sicky’ days. I can highly recommend it. It’s also easy to eat for cats with no teeth or elderly cats as it has a soft centre.


Larger kibble

My cats thrived on this until you changed the size of the Kibble. I have one female cat 14 years and the other is 13 years now they are very fussy and are reluctant to eat it. It is also expensive. Why change something that was good and liked to this it must be cost for you . .



My 17 year old Burmese girl has got very fussy in her old age, but she really loves this stuff. Its so hard to find specific food for older cats, most are for cats aged 7 and over, so its great to find a food for the truly elderly cats. My girl is doing will on this.

03/10/20 | Joanne Slater

My cat is a fan of this

My cat loves this dry food. It's not too small, which my cat can find difficult to pick up.

05/17/19 | Nicola Bluck

Large biscuits, Cats wouldn’t eat it!

Cats wouldn’t eat it. Very large biscuits for food for elderly cats.

04/06/19 | Brenda Baldwin

Total perfection for my Golden Oldies

I have never known this food to be refused. Just looking at the ingredients again I am amazed at how carefully the chosen ingredients are put together. The small size with blend of soft and crunchy is ideal and appetizing. Not seen anything else that can compare

03/06/19 | Christine spiby

Super food

My elderly cats love this food my oldedt is 25 and i have 2 who are 18. They readily eat this kibble and have no health or mobility problems .would teally recommend it and its good value as well

10/15/18 | Mrs christine spiby


My cats love this my oldest is 25 its always readily eaten and cats all look well on it HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

05/20/17 | Dette

Rolo's favourite

Rolo, my 7 year old maine coon absolutely adores this Ageing +12. I have three cats, and all eat Royal Canin. I put three different flavours in three different bowls and they all eat together. The ageing +12 is always the first to be eaten.

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