06/03/20 | Sally


My dog has kidney disease and was quite happy on the renal dry food for a couple of months and then went off it. She didn't seem keen, hadn't had a full meal for a while, only grazing. It wasn't till I realised that dogs with Kidney disease can go off their food as they think it's the food that makes them feel poorly. So after some advice I got the renal tinned meat to add in with her dry food and I've got my happy, begging, drooling, wagging tail doggy back when it's tea time 😃😃


would recommend this product.

My dog has kidney disease, started her on renal diet, but she didn't like it. she loves the renal special. i also give her the special renal diet in dried food as well. would recommend to other owners.

01/06/19 | Petra


My dog has ckd ( chronic kidney disease) she loves this food. It smells nice and she likes it so it must be tasty. She refused to eat the royal canin renal dry food and other brands made her sick but this food doesnt upset her stomach and she has no more diarrhoea.