Have they changed recipe?

My fussy dog really enjoyed her initial mixed variety packs of Lukullus, so i was really happy that at last I had found something she liked. It did smell rather like human food, much like a boiled ham flavour. However, on ordering for a second time, it would appear that the recipe has changed and my dog completely refuses to eat it. The smell is different, which I can only compare to like an offal (liver, kidney) smell. I just wasted money on 24 cans. I won't be buying it again

too rich

This gave both my dogs diarrhoea, despite introducing it very slowly - It seemed ok at first, but when I eventually gave them a whole meal off it - it didn't suit either one of them at all! Disappointing after reading so many good reviews. They both do have sensitive digestion but i believed this product would be alright - it was not unfortunately. I have a 16 year old standard poodle - and a three year old Staffordshire bull terrier.
06/28/16 | jenny Knight

Eating at last

i have a young Staffie who is a really fussy eater.We got him Orijen which he refuses to eat,much to our disappointment as it has excellent reviews.We purchased various cans of food from Zooplus France,this was to mix with his dry food,but he still refused it.I have now left the dry food out and given him just wet.By far he prefers the Lukullus,we have the dish licked clean.It is a very good food and he has thrived on it.It is a good food with no awful smell.


My two JRT'S LOVE this food .. I give them a handful of lukullus dry in the morning and wet food at night. their bowls are licked clean every night. they have never left a trace of food. they are both in tip top condition .
02/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie


Great , Our Sid is very fussy with food, but he really enjoyed this, which made me very pleased :) Highly recommended. Great service from zooplus,nicely packed and arrived within 2 days.
05/09/13 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Lukullus, dried or wet, is well loved!

Our Labrador, Saffy, has been having this tinned Lukullus for 6 out of her 7 yrs, and still loves it. Eats with gusto and is never bored with it. Have tried other things when we've run out, but not so liked and not such good quality. Excellent ingredients, especially for the price. Always recommend. Zooplus too. Excellent delivery service and website. Beats lugging all those tins! Now use it for the cat food too.
04/30/13 | originally published in zooplus.ie

value and variety

My dogs are not fussy feeders, but I like to think they enjoy a bit of variety in their food. You can spot the different ingredients eg turkey hearts, potatoes etc, so it's clear it really is just what it says on the tin. Good quality and not too expensive.

affordable, top quality, grain free cans

my dog could not digest the hard grain free kibbles, the price of most grain free cans are crippling , thank goodness for lukullus.
02/09/13 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Wouldn't feed anything else - superb!

I struggled for almost two years to find a food that my dogs could eat, one has irritable bowel disease and had chronic diarrhea and vomiting prior to starting her on Lukullus - she has not had an IBD incident since going onto this food. Another of my dogs has moderate to severe allergic skin reactions - though he is still struggling with his skin, his condition has improved tenfold since starting Lukullus. My third dog would refuse all food and happily starve herself for 5-7 days at a time. Not anymore. She loves Lukullus. I couldn't ask for a better dog food - It's natural, nourishing and judging by the licked-clean bowls, delicious too. Just fantastic! And the multipacks are such great value - unbelievably good quality for a bargain price. VERY happy customer.
09/02/12 | JM

Another great flavour !

My dogs love all the standard Lukullus dinners, and this one is one i see goes down well too. I cant and they cant say enough about this food, its really meat and the veg and stuff added to it seems to make it a real super dinner, and i have yet to see one of mine turn up their nose at it. I am glad i found this food online, as the ones in the supermarket are sadly lacking in both flavours and contents. I will always buy this food for them along with only a few others that are also real meat and not lumps of rubber looking stuff that most of them are in the supermarkets. I recommend this food to all who like to feed their furry family members with the best.
03/30/12 | Em

Excellent quality

My labrador loves this food - I add a little with her dry everyday (although as a vegetarian the Bambi and Thumper pic on the tin makes me a little guilty!) Pure ingredients and very reasonable price tag compared to what you pay for supermarket tinned rubbish.
03/30/12 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Excellent quality

My labrador loves this food - I add a little with her dry everyday (although as a vegetarian the Bambi and Thumper pic on the tin makes me a little guilty!) Pure ingredients and very reasonable price tag compared to what you pay for supermarket tinned rubbish.
11/08/11 | Angela Aston

The best food we've tried- and we've tried a LOT!

I have two staffies. One has irritable bowl disease and has been very ill after eating other brands. I have to be extremely careful what I feed her & make sure there are no "nasties" in her food. We've tried virtually all of the UK's premium dog food brands in our quest to find something she can eat... Then we found Lukullus. This food is FANTASTIC! The ingredients are 100% natural and great quality. I trust this brand completely. My dogs cannot get enough of it so they obviously agree that it's fabulous food. I feed a different tinned flavour each meal & they lick their bowls clean every time. Both are in amazing shape - brilliant muscle tone & gorgeously shiny coats & eyes. I'd recommend all of the standard Lukullus range - we absolutely LOVE it!
10/17/11 | Verena

great food, great price

My dog's not really fussy but he does tend have problems digesting wet foods...not with Lukullus though :)
10/17/11 | originally published in zooplus.ie

really good food

Great food. It contains relatively few chunks of meat. My dog loves it although sometimes it makes him bloat a little. But more or less, its high quality food although I (personally) wouldn't buy it again.
08/11/11 | Carole

Resounding success!!

Harry my Shih Tzu has been on this for a short while but it really is a "Resounding Success" before everything was sniffed at and I just got accusing looks along the lines of "are you trying to poison me mum?" not with the Lukullus wet food, this was sniffed and eaten in a flash!! such a relief to have found a food that Harry really enjoys. We have just placed another order of his favourites and are going to try the dry food too. Highly recommend this brand and especially the venison & rabbit and the goose & turkey heart version...no more throwing away nearly full dishes of uneaten food. Delighted to have found this food..well done Zooplus for bringing it to us.
03/12/10 | Pat Hardy

Monty loves it!

Monty is a rescue - when he came to us at 15mths of age he settled in quickly enjoying his food. Sadly a year later my Beardie passed away - he went off his food, got picky - this went on for a year. Then I saw this food and sent for it - he loved it ate it up with no problem! This is his favourite - always like to have an option in stock - this one succeeds where others failed.Think it is the venison!
02/18/10 | S.Bruse

My papillon loves loves loves it!

I have a very picky papillon, with a very sensitive stomach as well, and this he finishes it in 2 minutes, and he has no problems with his digestion. I highly recommend it!

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