Very Picky Jack Russell

Since diagnosis of renal problem in my Jack Russell I have wasted so much money on food the he wouldn't eat. I tried this on recommendation, and he loves it!!!! Definitely recommended, great food, thank you!!!!

Amazing product .....Amazing service

My little whippet was diagnosed with CKD. We have struggled to get him to eat any Renal food and found it heartbreaking knowing he was hungry but wouldn’t eat the food. I then found this product on Zooplus and he’s absolutely loving it. He devours it and looks for seconds . If you’re looking for Renal food , look no further I’m sure your dog will love it too . Great service too , ordered more yesterday and it’s arriving today . Thank you Zooplus

Dog loves it

Was giving my dog just the dry food and he wasn’t eating much of it, I tried adding small amounts of other foods but this was giving him wind and found he was waking me in the night to go to the toilet. I also added a bit of gravy to the dried food which he was eating more of and seemed to not cause any problems, but for long term and nutrition I wanted to add a kidney friendly wet food mixed with dried, which is why I purchased this, now he wharfs both of it down and I have a contented dog.
04/10/19 | Kaz

Excellent reaction from my choosy dog

My dog has always been choosy when it came to tea time. Having recently being diagnosed with kidney problems I was so worried what I was going to feed her. I read the reviews on this site and at thought I would try this food. Believe me I have been amazed at my dogs reaction and acceptance. She now dances while watching me putbit in her dish! She never ate dog food before but now loves this food and all the family can see a difference in her.
01/18/19 | Anne Flint

Life saving renal dog food

My elderly greyhound who is in renal failure had been refusing to eat his usual brand of food and was wasting away so I decided to see what else was on the market. I found this product but thought the fabulous reviews must be a bit exaggerated - they were not. For the first time in months my dog is eating entire meals not picking at it and leaving most of it. Wish I had found it when he was first diagnosed, it has saved his life.
08/31/18 | Christine

Great stuff

My dog got diagnosed with kidney disease 5 months ago, I use this as a topper and mix it in with his renal kibble and he absolutely loves it, was worried he wouldn’t eat the renal kibble going off peoples comments with their experiences so decided to use these along side the kibble and he cleans the bowl every meal time, his last blood work came back loads better so the food must be working, would definitely recommend them plus they are a lot cheaper then the Hills or RC ones!
05/16/18 | L goodwin

Kidney disease in greyhound

Having been told my beautiful girl had kidney disease the vet recommended a special kidney diet , tried Royal Canin and hills kd- didn’t like after a few weeks Was getting very worried as she had lost her appetite and lost 2kgs. Came across this by accident so ordered some thinking it wouldn’t be any good as it was not a name I’d heard of and price was so much cheaper than all the other brands. - well my greyhound loves these trays and she’s put on 1kg so far. A lifesaver.
06/23/17 | Andy roper

At last

My dog collapsed and was diagnosed with kidney disease the vet gave me a tin of prescription food but my dog wouldnt eat it his is weight plumeted i tried other top brands and he wouldnt eat any...this stuff is a life saver

A miracle!

My dog has kidney failure and I was recommended one of the top brands by the vet. Since then he's gone from being a normal weight to losing a lot of weight because he wouldn't eat he food. I've been worried sick about him. Buying this food was a last resort and I've just opened the food - given it to him and he ate it straight down wanting more. I couldn't believe it. Have already ordered a second batch for him.
05/27/15 | Debbie

If your looking for a food for kidney problems look no further

Ordered this after reading the reviews and trying my dog which is suffering from acute renal failure with a few other foods with low protein and low phosphate which he needs and he gulped it down. So pleased to find a food he finally likes out of the foods that help his kidneys. Ordering my second batch already today after receiving my order yesterday :)

Excellent buy

I was looking for a good renal dog food for my mum's dog molly, she has tried several but didn't like any of them then i saw this one and had nothing to lose. Am i glad i bought this Molly loves it so am just about to order another lot
11/11/14 | Mills

Dog loves it

After over a year and a half on Hills KD diet my JRT was often leaving most if not all of her meal uneaten. Since changing to this she's eats every scrap, every meal!
08/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


My dog suffers from severe renal impairment and literally devours these trays. He declined any other renal diet, even the most famous brands - I really tried all of them! I'd advise anyone with the same problem to use this food.
02/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.be

My dog finally manages food

Three days after I received this food my dog finally regained his appetite. After a large amount of weight loss he has finally started asking for his meals again. He refuses all other foods for kidney failure so he's sticking to this one for now.
01/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.be

Souchi my little love

My little 4 year old dog Souchi had urea problems and would not accept any renal foods from any brands. I was getting desperate as my dog wasn't eating anything. I ordered Integra Protect as a last attempt and mixed it with the dry food I had left, and finally she ate something! Next time I will also buy the Integra dry food!
06/24/13 | originally published in zooplus.es


My dog had kidney failure and after testing loads of dry foods he started eating less and less. When I mixed the dry foods with this Integra wet food (paté type), he ate everything! The smell is very strong and he loves it. I'm very happy with the purchase because now he's back to eating like normal!
05/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.it

Very good

Use the trays to mix with a little dry food, or mix the Integra Protect with a bit of boiled rice. My dog doesn't leave a crumb of this food and his kidney values have improved. The percentage of phosphorous and protein is good for those suffering from this disease and it's better than in most famous brands. More tasty and less expensive. Good product!


Great, my 9 year old dog with sever kidney failure has been doing really well since we put her on Integra Protect Renal, and her blood values have improved.
04/29/13 | April

Very platable and works wonders

I originally used this with my last dog when she went into acute kidney failure, she loved it and I fed it to her until the end. I started it using it again when my second dog showed signs of chronic kidney problems. I used it in conjunction with hills to mix things up a bit. She definitely loves this one more and she is generally a fussy eater.
03/10/13 | e.greenaway

very pleased

I'm ordering this food for the 2nd time since my dog was dianosed with stage 2 kidney failure. She absolutely loves it and the dry kibble aswell. After only three days,her water intake was less. So reasonably priced compared to other brands too.

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