06/24/21 | KK

very happy

The Giant Schnauzers are very happy with this wet food.

03/04/19 | Debbie

Great Food

Tried both my Labrador puppies on this for a change & they loved it. Smells really nice too & attracted the attention of my older dog so will try some of the adult range now

03/17/17 | Emilia

So much difference

My staff puppy loves it. I used to mix different brands to find the tastier one but no luck until she tried Gran Carno. Smells lovely and the 💩 poo is not that stinky anymore.

12/06/11 | Louise

Smells so nice!

My new puppy was eating Pedigree before she came to my house which because of the high tripe content smelled really bad to me. I switched my pup to this food over 2 days, there were no stomach upsets, she loves it and it smells so much more pleasant!

02/15/11 | Corinna Schlageter


My fussy beagle pup loves this food and finds it really easy to process. I'm a little amazing at the ingredients...but hey, my puppy seems to love it.