02/04/22 | Anji

Fabulous ethical dog food.

My dog absolutely loves this food. She has always preferred vegetables, stealing them from the kitchen whenever she can. She tried a couple of other vegan brands but, this is the one she likes the best. The crows in the garden love it too.

03/31/19 | Julia Szajdzicka

best dog food in the world

one of my dogs has had a large amount of intestine removed after eating a rubber ball. he has diarrhoea if he eats meat. he also has hip displacea so was overweight . but on the wheat free organic yarrah food he lost 10kg taking weight off his joints enabling him to exercise more with less pain, his energy levels are better, and he doesn't have any diarrhoea. plus my dogs now have a much smaller footprint due to the lack of animal agriculture by product in their diet and the fact that its organi