Wolf Of The Wilderness

My two fussy Cockapoos both love this food but it’s quite often out of stock.

04/08/22 | Jason

My boy loves this

My boy loves this, he’s very fussy and won’t eat harder dry food even when I soften it up with water or stick ect but these he loves


Doesn't suit everyone

This food does seem to be made of really nice ingredients, and the dogs enjoy it, but it doesn't agree with everyone. One dog in particular farts and stinks after eating it, and it seems to have an adverse effect on his bowels as well because he did a poo in the middle of the sitting-room while visiting my relatives, and it smelt so strongly of the food that my father thought we were cooking a stew.


Wolf of wilderness soft varieties

I have had Deerhounds for 40 years and as a breed food is not usually a priority. This is the first food ever, including raw meats, that they absolutely love, they clear their bowls and will even take them as treats, normally they turn their noses up when offered treats, unless chicken or my leftover dinner. I am very impressed, hopefully they will continue to “Wolf” it down.

05/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Superb food

This food is just great, no disgusting feeling and no strong smell. My dog's coat is shiny and he loves this food, for him it's almost like a treat. His poo is normal. I can recommend it. The price is fair in comparison to others on offer.

04/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food

I have been looking for a replacement for our old food for a while and now I've found it. Our dog digests it well and she loves the taste!

04/06/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


I am a 4 year old Irish wolfhound. I think Wolf of Wilderness is delicious. I like it a lot and I'm very fussy but the flavour is very tasty. I'm happy with it and I even like the treats even though I don't get enough of them! Quick delivery. All I can say is zooplus fits the bill.

02/25/20 | susan mayers

Good food

My toothless greyhound loves this food.


Wolf of Wilderness "Soft"

This food goes down very well. My dog's fur has become very healthy and shiny again. Great dry food that is half wet, half dry.

09/22/19 | Rob

Tip Top

We have 4 Boston cross chihuahuas can be very fussy at times but not with this food , use as main food also as treats on walks . No problem with digestion what so ever they love all flavours lamb is there favourite

09/14/19 | Vivienne


My miniature poodle liked this when I first gave it to her but seems to have gone off it now. I bought it in a mixed trial pack and haven't yet opened the other flavours. I have read other reviews and people say it is softer kibble but the packs I have it is as hard as normal (very strong smell) I have queried this with Zooplus but am told that it retains some hardness. I am confused and rather disappointed with it as dog now windy and more large poops.

07/22/19 | Zoe Stephens

Not great

Bought this thinking it was similar to the normal dry in ingredients , it's not. Strong horrible smell . Dogs loved it but made them very gassy , wont be buying again so glad we just finished the last bag. Disappointed



Finally my Bearded Collie is eating his dry food without me having to add in treats. He finds it very yummy.

07/15/19 | Andrea G

Dogs love it

I'm a dog walker and I use this food as treats for the dogs I walk, many of which have sensitive digestions. The dogs love it, they stay close and have no issues from a digestive perspective.

07/03/19 | Zoe

Not as good as normal dry

Dogs didnt have runny stools which seem to have been reported from others, however their bums absolutely stank on this. The food smells horrible. Lower protein than the regular stuff , I automatically presumed it would be just as high quality with it costing more. Wont buy any the soft versions again


Collie loves his food again

My Collie had almost completely lost his appetite. Now he loves his food again and this stuff really agrees with him.

03/18/19 | originally published in zooplus.de


My dog started to reject his dry food and then I discovered this and ordered a bag straight away. He ate it without nay fuss and his fur is much softer now with a wonderful shine to it.


Problematic feed

Having fed the original dry versions of this food I thought I’d treat my dogs to the ‘soft’ version. Unfortunately this food has caused lots of gas and runny poops. Seemingly not as high quality as the original feed

03/01/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Green Fields

This food agreed with my Poodles. They used to eat lots of grass when they had their old food but this has all stopped with the new food. They are fuller for longer and they are pooing less often and leaving firmer stools. All in all top marks.

02/08/19 | Antonia Atkinson

LOVE it!

My Keeshonds and Pomeranians love this food. I have a couple of old Keeshonds that have struggled with some foods - but not this food they love it and it loves them.