Very intermittent availability from zooplus

Switched puppy over to this dog food which he does enjoy. Issue is zooplus availability is very poor and you will struggle to get it elsewhere, I’m am now in process of switching him over to hills as at least I can get them from almost anywhere.

11/09/21 | Ian

Old dear loves this

In spite of her age when she scents this treat, watch out. the dance is something to behold. Must be good.

10/23/21 | Kat B

Great food shame about the packaging

My dogs love this food. It looks nice smells good and even my fussiest hound hoovers it up. It seems to be very good quality, keeping my 2 in lovely condition. The plastic packaging needs changing though. I won’t be buying this again until the packaging is changed to something compostable. Animal food has been delivered successfully for generations in paper. Come on get with the program

10/19/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Definitely recommended!

My dog loves it, I was worried before because she's very fussy. We use it as a reward. It was love at first bite.

10/08/21 | Angela Graham

Good for my epi dog

Changed my two dogs onto this food and they just love it. My girl with pancreatic insufficiency is doing well on it


Superb food

My dog likes the taste, it smells good, highly recommended.

11/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

My dog is crazy about it

She came from a Romanian shelter and wasn't easy to handle so I was looking for a special dry food to use as a reward on our walks. I'm very happy with this flavour.

10/22/20 | Gail Cronin

Happy chocolate Labs

One of my Labs has decided he doesn’t like hard kibble anymore, not eating some of his meals is not the way of Labradors, they just eat and eat anything. He also has the more sensitive digestion of the two. I reluctantly decided to look for a soft alternative. Wolf of the wilderness is perfect for both of them they love it and took just two days to transition from their hard dried kibble. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you from two very very happy Labs.


Very good

Very good

10/06/20 | Tanz

Awesome Food

"Awesome food" is all I can say, my boy weim's absolutely love this and due to sensitivities they both have, this is phenomenal and I can't rate this any higher. My boy unfortunately have had food allergies of rashes, very loose stools and sometime sickness. This food Blue River is the one where they eat everything, lick their bowls and everything is as it should be.


A change of food

I ordered several trial packs of grain-free dry food and our dog prefers this one. He loves it.



My dogs love this food! And they digest it really well!

06/01/20 | Chris Gunn

Good food

My dog has digestive problems and is sensitive to many dog foods but this goes down fine. It is gluten free and without anything my dog can't tolerate. It is a good sized, healthy kibble which I alternate with wet food for healthy teeth and gums. I also feed her sister border collie on it too and she loves it - but she loves most food!

05/10/20 | Jess Green

“Wolfes it down”

Our friend often uses his point to buy small bags of this food for our GSD and he absolutely loves it. Although generally more expensive than James Wellbeloved and 3kg less for the largest bag, the recent deal £39 for 12kg+3kg free swayed us to purchase this and we may continue to purchase this now.


New food

Since we've switched to "Blue River" Salmon our dog doesn't have any problems with digestion anymore.

05/02/20 | Kata

Gassy dog

The content of this food seems to be fine, however, my dog has produced smelly gases and lacked energy whilst on this food. Maybe it is the potatoes... I will not be purchasing this again.


Can’t express how much my dog loves this...

A friend gave us a bag as his dog didn’t like it. My dog went bonkers over the stuff. I think it may contain crack, he loves it that much. Highly recommend it. Thought the novelty might wear off but even five bags in he is still waiting at the bowl in anticipation. Great stuff.

01/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

They digest it well

Both of my dogs happily eat it, which wasn't the case with other foods by any means. They digest it well, no wind and normal output. I can report back on how their skin and coat is in 2-3 weeks.

11/27/19 | linda ferrari


my dogs love this food ,they carnt get enough

10/16/19 | Ray

Main constituent

I was attracted to this particular dog food as the advert/pack implies the food is 'salmon' based, when in fact chicken is the predominant ingredient. Both my dogs are chicken intolerant thus I have not and will not purchased this food.