When my Chihuahua reached 9....

... he started to be sick at breakfast after eating his Mini Adult. I bought some of this 8+ and it stopped immediately and he's back to normal eating

04/05/18 | Richard

Excellent product, excellent service

We regularly order Royal Canin Mini Adult 8+ for our fourteen year old Sheltie. He thrives on it.

10/05/17 | Richard Neal

Excellent for older dogs

We have fed this to our almost 14 year-old Sheltie for two or three years and he loves it. Excellent quality, easily digestible. First class service and very fair price from Zooplus. Ordered one morning, delivered the next evening. Fantastic.

05/03/15 | Liz Taylor

Really Royal!!

I have used Royal Canin for years for my 2 jack russells and can say it is consistently good quality and keeps them in great health. The kibble is a perfect size for their little mouths and easily digests. Worth every penny!!!


For a healthy, long life

We used to feed our dog "Royal Canin Mini Adult" and she's now 17 years old, we changed her onto the "next stage" which is the Adult +8. We don't give her just dry food, we mix it in with some wet food. "+8" is very nutritious food that helps our dog to keep from putting on weight as she ages. I'm a huge fan of Royal Canin because it has a food for every stage of your dog or cat's life and also has special types for animals with sensitive tummies or different breeds. The variety is great!

04/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Perfect dog food!

This is my dachshund's absolute favourite food! He digests it no problem! Before he had problems with his stomach and intestines. Thanks to this food he's back to running around like normal.


TOP food!

My Schnauzer-Poodle mix LOVES this food, and zooplus has it at a great price, especially in the 8kg double pack!

05/09/11 | stuart barley

border terrier

had terrible trouble with my border and his food - he didn't get on with any food we tried. then this food was recommended and what a difference. he is like a different dog! full of life again!


very popular

I have a fussy eleven year old Jack Russell who has never been much of an eater but she is happy with this food and it seems to suit her very well.