05/06/20 | Cockapoo


Super for my cockapoo like a rost dinner for dogs👏👍👍

08/12/19 | Mandy Spence


Ordered this food on Sunday and it was delivered on Monday cannot get better than that Excellent food for my cocker spaniel puppy he loves it and his coat is so shiney Would definitely recommend Royal Canin and Zooplus


Too many bulking agent's and fillers!

Kept my puppy on this food until she was 4 months old simply because she had been raised on the stuff by the breeder and I didn't want to upset the puppies stomach by changing too soon to a superior UK brand. I do not want my pup raised on Soya, wheat, Maize and other fillers. Hence my reason for changing.

02/18/19 | Kaz Bold

Good food and good service

My Springador puppy loves Royal Canin Dry puppy food. Zooplus is great value and free delivery is fab, will be ordering again.


Great value for money!

I've always been a fan of royal canin food working in the veterinary industry but also because of the extra free, it is cheaper than I could find this food anywhere else. My puppy started on this from 8 weeks when I brought him home and has never had an upset stomach although sometimes he does pick at the food and not really eat much - for this reason I tried him on hills which he seems to prefer. Once this bag runs out, unfortunately I think I'll be converting to hills.


Springer pup loves this

Good judge is how litttle waste is produced, so this feed ranks quite highly, dog utilising much of it.


Luxury Food

Premium food for my dog, he loves it! Cheaper here than most other large retailers even though it’s the same stuff, highly recommend!

11/19/17 | Brian Roberts


I ordered this product from Zooplus late on a Thursday for my little Beagle puppy & it was delivered by Yodel on the Saturday. What better service could you expect than that!! As always Zooplus prices are unmatched. Highly recommended!

11/18/17 | Stephen Johnston

Zooplus....what a find!

Just recently got a Golden Retriever pup and was looking food... discovered Zooplus and fantastic value on Royal Canin...10% off for first purchase plus 3kg free!! Won't be looking elsewhere!

11/15/17 | Tracey


We were advised to feed our cockapoo puppy this food by the breeder. He was 8 weeks old when we got him and he is now 6 months and still enjoying it and growing well, he has a lovely soft shiny coat in great condition. He is very healthy!


Royal Canin Medium Junior

We have a working cocker spaniel puppy and our little boy loves this food - it suits him very well and he is healthy and happy, with a lovely shiny coat. Definitely the best value for money too, as we had looked at the same food from other suppliers and in some cases it was more than double the price - which is helpful with a puppy that eats us out of house and home!!

09/02/17 | Emily Morris

Medium Juinor

Pup loves it! Happy pup = happy mother!! Thank you - great value for money compared to smaller bags elsewhere!

08/16/17 | Pete

Good quality food

I don't doubt this food being a good quality feed. But my 8 month old beagle turns his nose up on the second day of having this brand, need to mix it with wet food or meat for him to eat it. The first day he loved it dry but unfortunately now it's like the cheaper kibble he has had in the past never in a rush to eat it :( . I was hoping it was going to be a feed he liked to scoff down. He does seem to be a fussy dog though wen it comes to dog food. Another puppy I knew was on royal canin and had such a lovely healthy coat so was a bit disappointed he turns his nose up at it.

03/17/17 | Ane Snaith


Very happy with this food. Our 10 month old cocker spaniel has been having this food from the beginning and he is strong boned with a lovely silky coat.


Royal Canin Medium Puppy

This food was recommended to us by the breeder. Perfect food for our Labrador puppy. She is thriving


Royal Canin Medum Puppy

I recommend this food. We have a 9 month old Labrador puppy. This food was recommended to us by the breeder. Our puppy is well nourished and is growing well. We've also fed her Hill Science puppy food for a change and been happy with that too so we buy whichever is on offer

11/27/16 | Alison


I would highly recommend this pet food. I have started all my babies off on this, since changing all my dogs onto Royal Canin. I have found their coats to be very shiny and their motions a lot firmer. Understanding that all pets are not the same and have different needs i would still recommended trying it.


Went well until he turned his nose up at it.

This food has been perfect for our beagle all the way up to 5 months, however since then he is having none of it. We asked the reps at a Royal Canin stand at our local dog show and they said it may be that the food has been open too long and gone off. The reps then went on to say that we should try buying smaller bags as this way they are exposed to the air for a shorter period and shouldnt go off. Im skeptical on this theory as we keep the food in an air tight container. Either way it was gd

05/16/16 | Hannah


Great value for money and great food. My standard dachshund looks fantastic on it and always eats it all. Very happy x


Royal Canin Junior puppy

Our puppy is really happy and growing so big, her coat is so soft and shiny, bright eyes and very alert. Really pleased we were recommended this food to feed her .