Royal Canin Giant Puppy

Oscar is a seven month old Bernese Mountain Dog and has been on Royal Canin Giant Puppy since we got him at 8 weeks old. Oscar is our 2nd Bernese and our last one was also fed on Royal Canin all the way through his 10.8 years.

07/29/19 | Elaine

Blaize our St. Bernard

Blaize has been on Royal Canin giant puppy food , he is now 17 weeks old and weighs in at 32kg,(5 stone), he is thriving on it and loves it, we wanted a food that would aid his growth, teeth and coat . Ordering from Zooplus means we usually get his food the following day, and the price is very competitive, which is important when your Ordering a couple of bags a month! Would definitely recommend Zooplus, and Royal Canin puppy food, for giant breeds , for happy healthy big bundles of joy.

06/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good for German dogs

We only give our dogs RC, we had two litters of 14 and 12 puppies in the last two years, and gave every single dog this food. We have had no problems with poo, fur, or growth. We wholeheartedly recommend it. Once they are fully grown we switch over to RC Breed Great Dane, which is also very good...

05/19/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Seems to be tasty

We have been giving it to our dog for two weeks, having given him Maxi Puppy before, but since we think he's gonna top 45kg we have made the switch! He loves eating it and digests it really well! We will stick with it and then move him onto Giant Junior.

10/16/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very happy!

I am very happy with this puppy food. Our Swiss mountain dog was given it by his breeder.

10/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Our dog loves it!

Our little Bernese mountain dog is 17 weeks old and loves this food! He would love to eat the whole bag at once :D

09/12/18 | wendy dale

magic food!

I've fed my 10 month old Bullmastiff on Royal Canin since he was 8 weeks old.Having kept the breed for nearly 30 years I know how important it is to feed for good bone growth.Arthur is thriving,having weighed in last week at 53kg with the glossiest coat and fab teeth-would recommend it to anyone with this breed.

09/12/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

magic food!

I've fed my 10 month old Bullmastiff on Royal Canin since he was 8 weeks old.Having kept the breed for nearly 30 years I know how important it is to feed for good bone growth.Arthur is thriving,having weighed in last week at 53kg with the glossiest coat and fab teeth-would recommend it to anyone with this breed.

11/06/17 | Kathleern Berry


just an update on my last review. My Newfie puppies are nearly 6 months old now. My brown and white one weighs 6stone 5lbs and my landseer who was the small one weighs 6stone and 4lbs. This is all due to Royal Canin and Zooplus for the affordability as when you have 2 puppies a 15kg bag only lasts approx. 9 days. I reccommend this to anyone who as a large breed dog.

10/05/17 | Kathleen Berry


I have always fed my Newfies on Royal Canin Giant until adult age. I have 2 Landseers boys, they are 16 weeks old. My brown and white one weighs 5st 2ibs and my small boy weighs 4st 10lbs. This is all due to the right ingredients in Royal Canin. My other Newfie, Hugo weighs 12st

04/20/17 | Elaine Jones

Merlin the St. Bernard loves his Puppy food!

Having always had St. Bernards we wanted a puppy food to give all the right nutrition without putting on too much weight. Royal Canin Giant Puppy food is ideal, and he loves it!

02/05/17 | Sharon Goldsack

Our 2 Great Danes have thrived on Royal Canin Giant Breed food

Having raised Great Danes for more than 25 years and always understood (mostly by being told by others, forums etc.) that they must be fed with a food lower than about 26% protein, we were struggling to find a good quality food for our latest young Danes (Thor and Loki) that met that criteria. The breeder that we got our latest 2 babies from said that they had used Royal Canin Puppy and Junior and had had good results and no problems with bone growth. There were lots of folk on Great Dane site

10/20/16 | Ben

The only food for Giant Breed pups

I have a Caucasian Shepherd girl who is now just over 4 months and just short of 30kg. Getting her nutrition right (as other reviewers have said) is so important. The breeder had her litter on a different, more generic brand of puppy food. I got her at 8 weeks and by 11 weeks her behaviour started to deteriorate slightly after feeding as she just didn't seem to be getting what she needed from her food. I tried her with the Royal Canin giant and have never looked back. The issue with her behaviour was eradicated overnight. She eats the recommended amount and is happy / satisfied after every feed. For a dog that will ultimately weigh 65-75 kg (she is a big girl and so are her parents!) this food has been a godsend and I can't ever imagine changing the brand. Thoroughly recommended and the zooplus price and offers are great too!

06/13/13 | Martha

great dane loves it

I try few chippers options but you can not safe on your dogs. Is PERFECT IN ANY ASPECT!!!

09/10/12 | Charlotte

Well balanced for Giant breeds

I brought my Great Dane up on Royal Canin starting with Giant Puppy then moving on to Giant Junior and now Giant Adult. He has grown up beautifully, not too fast and is a lovely weight. It's so important to get the balance right with Giant breeds. I now have a Weimeraner pup who will be brought up on Royal Canin too (large breed though). Good prices on zooplus helps too. Strongly recommend for those with large breeds that need special consideration regarding their diet.

06/20/12 | Lucy

Great price on Zooplus!

Had my great dane at 11 weeks old he is now 16 weeks growing quickly loves this food feed him the right portin three times a day and each time is gone, good food for growing and filling out as great danes can become skinny when growing. also Orded twice of this website quick delivery

07/02/11 | Christina

My Bernese mountain puppy's fav food

I bought this for my Bernese Mountain Puppy, he is 5 months old..going to be a big boy :) Gave him Happy Dog when I first got him, but not that keen on it. Now he loves Royal Canine for Large Puppy. Brilliant and easy website with straight forward delivery. I live in Germany with forces and there are no probs. Delivered within 3 days max.. Thanks so much.

02/17/11 | sunny

excellent price and good service

At first i wasnt to sure about how reliable this site was, however i was pleasantly suprised. I have also looked to purchase this product on other sites and pet stores, however found that they were alot dearer. Best value by two bags.

01/11/11 | Russell garner


I had this product which was recommended by the breeder I bought my puppy from. I have an Alaskan malamute he's called hunter and is 4 months old and he is MASSIVE ! I have searched the net for places to get this product and I have to say this site is deffinetly the cheapest!! and most reliabe! I can't speak for anyone else but I always buy the 2* Eco packs(15kg) and there delivery speed is amazing always within one-two days.I no a new buyer might be skepticle about reading reviews or buying online but trust this is 100% genuine. 5 stars from me about products and delivery speed.

12/30/10 | Jenni

Great Value!

My vet recommended this for my Newfoundland puppy (6 months old now) I started buying it from surgery but was very pleased to find it here for less than half price, with free delivery to my door (meaning I don't have to heave a 15kg sack from the car) Thanks Zooplus!