Happy puppy

This is my third labrador on this food it is excellent , boundless energy never looks over weight and the dog loves it and no flatulence follow the feeding guide and you get one happy dog.

09/09/19 | Ann Stokell

The very best!

My Labrador puppy looks like she’s been polished from head to toe on this food. It was recommended to us by the breeder and we can see why. Our puppy loves the food and everyone remarks on how healthy she looks. Lovely to see that she is retaining her ‘chunkiness’ as she is this type of Labrador. Others using different food seem to have grown very ‘leggy’ which is not good.

01/11/19 | Aurelija

Nothing changes

No changes for my labrador, also he doesn't like it. The coat is still not nice. Not use it again.

10/26/18 | Sian

Dylan loves it.

Dylan absolutely lives his Royal Canin Junior food. He has such a lovely coat and everyone comments on how shiny he is.

09/13/18 | Sian

Happy Puppy

15 week old Dylan loves his Royal Canin Labrador retriever Junior food. Everyone comments on how healthy he looks and his coat is so shiny. Just about to start our second bag now.

12/25/17 | Neil F

He loves it!

Our 8 month old absolutely loves this. We started him off with Nature Diet wet food recommended by our breeder, but moved him gradually onto this. He never leaves any at all. No flatulence with this either, which he had before when mixed with the wet food.

11/04/17 | Maria Mayhew

Puppy loves it

My 6 month Labrador puppy loves this food. Her coat is shiny & no flatulence or adverse effects. She has been on it for about 2 months now & I would recommend it.. I puppy walked a Guide Dog Puppy & they use Royal Canin, although a different variety, so I decided to use it for our own puppy.

11/02/17 | Mike


My Lab loves it and keeps in excellent shape and coat looks lovely!

01/17/16 | Mrs Callan

6 month lab loves it

Our 6 month lab really enjoys his meal times. He has a lovely shiny coat and gains by weight whilst keeping his shape.


Dog will not eat it

My 10 week lab pup will not touch the stuff, even if it is mixed with meat. I tried to see if my 3 year old Springer would eat it, but he would not touch it either.


I'm a dog...I love this good

I'm 7 month black lab, bloody love this stuff.....Guinness



We brought this for our dog Coco. Yes its quite expensive but the positive points make up for it. Her coat always has a beautiful shiny lustre to it and her energy levels when needed are there. She always gets excited at meal times so we know she enjoys it too. She also has a beautiful shape to her that is sadly quite rare in dogs nowadays. In all fantastic dry dog food. We are very happy!

06/08/14 | Anita Hayes


Not only is this product great for our dogs the service and savings from Zooplus are excellent. On top of that they give you extra savings too!



My puppy is enjoying eating this product after a picky start with other high street foods. Much lower output and she doesnt bolt her food. Pippa is healthy and growing fast.

05/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


The best! My puppy dog loves this food, has never had any problems with it and his coat is silky and shiny.


Brilliant food for our 10 month old lab

Having had some unpleasant "digestive" issues with our previous puppy food, we moved our lab puppy onto Royal Canin Labrador Junior about 4 months ago (our dachshund has been on Royal Canin for years and we are really pleased with it). Transformation has been incredible - vets have never seen a coat so shiny and say what wonderful condition our dogs are in. And no more anti-social moments so highly recommended!


Perfect kibble for my labrador retriever

The special Retriever food is great for my dog's weight. He eats until he is finished, without putting on weight.

02/21/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Very good dry food

Ever since Hippy, 7 months, has been eating this food (for about 2 months now) he seems to be full before he has finished a bowlful. I was worried about this at first but then I thought it must be because this food is very satisfying. His digestion is great :-)

11/20/13 | originally published in zooplus.be

A big thank you

I am very playful and I love this grub...

07/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Perfect !!!

My dog is 13 months old and this food is perfect for her! She is not chubby and seems satisfied after every meal.