04/13/19 | Melanie

Best dog food

I have a stunning 2 year old blue and gold had. He has been on royal canin since 6 months old. He is in perfect condition no stomach upsets,his coat is gleaming & his teeth are white. This food is ideal for a had. I would thoroughly recommend it.
08/24/18 | Claudia Smith

Good food and good sized kibble

This foot suppose to be good especially for Shepherds but my boy has very soft stools and it seems to upset his tummy too. (Passing gas ) Not happy so will switch him to a different one.
07/09/17 | Susan Skinner

Great food

This is the best food we have found for our German Shepherd. He has had no issues with his stomach whilst on this food, and his coat looks great. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who needs to settle their dogs stomach issues.
08/31/16 | Siân

Wouldn't buy anything else for my GSD

Fantastic dog food, great deal on Zooplus and always has been since our first purchase. Had my GSD raised from the puppy version and switched to adult when advised. No other food has agreed with him better.
04/28/16 | Carole

Best food ever

Our beautiful girl is our ninth german shepherd and as she was an adult when we got her and had been brought up on Royal Canin we stayed with it. Our other shepherds had been fed on other 'supposedly' excellent foods but none can compare with Royal Canin. Her coat is shiny and healthy, her general demeanour wonderful, and she loves her food. What a change not to have a picky eater which a lot of german shepherds are. The service and good prices at Zooplus help towards a very happy dog and owner.
03/31/16 | Mrs hyde


Very fast delivery. great food my German Shepherd loves it
10/18/15 | blade

Royal canin german sheperd adult

Excellent ! Blade is a gsd second chance rescue, when he arrived he was 14 months old very poorly malnourished and had muscle wastage. After months of gentle hand feeding and exercise, he gradually became stronger. Now 7 years later he is large and healthy, he is very large for a gsd (not fat) and weighs 50+ kg with long hair and looks like a bear, his vet recently commented on how good and clean his teeth are. Thank you Royal canin and Zooplus for years of delivering a great product to my door, ensuring Blade gets the nutritious food and a healthy life every dog is entitled to.
06/08/14 | Marilyn


As always brilliant service, price great and delivery service quick with good packaging. Thanks.
03/21/14 | dean


I have used different types of royal canine and breed specific ones and can say this is the best kibble at a reasonable price for your dog Iv used royal canine giant for my caucasian shepherds Or ovtcharka Maxi for my german.shepherd and specific gsd brand which is worth it as my pup saw the benifits of this. Small for jack russel terrier And mini and yorkshire terrier for yhe yorkie. All these royal canin products made a big improvement on dogs health coat poo and mental state a hungry dog is more on edge this keeps them full. I also buy kidney and liver from butchers for around five pound a kilo and lots of extra cuts for free and mix it. Around 4 bags last me a yr. All my dogs are very large compared to what they should be muscular tall and in great health. Thank you royal canin and best tasting since my pets finish it all. Other brands are always left.
03/18/14 | michael


Very good for my GSD Otis who is 4 now. Great price on Zooplus if you combine the multi-pack 2 x 12kg. I've tried other premium brands but my dog seems to like this best. Also, helps the sensitive stomach and hips etc.
03/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.be


Royal canin, top brand, excellent value for money
03/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.be


I have been feeding this to my dog forever and I'm never going to change. My dog is never ill and is really fit and healthy. He also has a very beautiful coat.

Beautiful as anything!

Thanks to this food, my dog has regained his beautiful shiny coat and his digestion is also good. Definitely less noticeable gas.
03/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.be


Gun adores this food. Super-balanced, tasty. No more gas, but still some lovely snoring (lol)
07/14/13 | originally published in zooplus.be

excellent kibble

My German Shepherd really likes this food. He's much admired by everyone, his coat is shiny and he has a perfect shape. As German Shepherds are big dogs you need good food for their digestive system, bone and skin. royal canin breed fulfils al of these functions and my dog can't wait for dinner time.
08/06/11 | Lucia Bakova

Fantastic food

We started to feed our GSD named Faolan with Royal Canin when he was two, after a long battle with other brands, which didn't suit him well enough. He was very skinny for a long time and couldn't put any weight on. Our vet recommended Royal Canin Breed, specially designed for sensitive stomach of this breed, full of nourishment he needs. We decided to try it out and after a few days he was more active than never before. A happy dog again! It wasn't only tasty, but he put weight on properly, he has got a beautiful shiny coat and healthy snow white teeth :-) He doesn't have a upset stomach anymore, not hungry anymore and he can bounce around the whole day :-)
05/30/11 | Mrs H


Our GSD, Bo, came to us at 1 year old with extremely loose stools and he was underweight. This food was recommended to us by the Surrey Police dog training school and has done wonders for Bo. He is now a healthy weight and he has normal poo at last! expensive but worth every penny.
04/16/11 | Gary Hazlehurst

Simply The Best

Started my GSD Wolf from day 1 on the puppy then switched to adult at 15 months old. He's a picture of health, lively and energetic, really glossy coat, strong teeth and bright eyes. There has been no stomach complaints and normal stools. I would only ever give him the best and in my opinion he's on the best...(only what he deserves)
03/24/11 | Sylvia

Excellent - Ten out of Ten!

Tess has been fed Royal Canin since she was 6 months old (started on the Puppy GSD now on GSD Adult). I was recommended it by 2 different breeders/trainers. She loves it; now 17 months old, perfect weight, a picture of health, full of energy, her coat is extremely glossy and she has never had any stomach problems. I have already recommended it to other owners and will continue to do so.
02/10/11 | Kaisers Mom

Fantastic !!

My 3 year old German Shepherd has had loose stools for a while, been the vet for treatment, read the reviews on this so tried it, only one word SORTED !. No more loose stools, no more dog in distress, no more vet bills. TRY IT.

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