04/04/22 | Jayne TAPLIN

Loved by little paws

Just the right size for my chihuahua and my ShihTzu. They both eat this and have no issues. Their coats are healthy and they very rarely have any digestion issues - unless they’ve eaten something from outside! Highly recommend.
02/12/22 | Fi

Loved by both my chihuahuas!

I rescued two chihuahuas and was able to change them to Royal Canin Chihuahua dry food with no issues at all. One is particularly small (1.2 kg) and manages to eat the kibble fine. They really enjoy this food. The change has had obvious positive effects for their digestion, with healthy solid poops that are easy to lift. I would recommend this product to others!
10/07/21 | Mimi clout

Awesome value

My fussy Chorkies and teacup Chihuahua love this food. Coats are looking much better and the eldest ,who is 9 is full of life
06/09/21 | Barry Febers

Pate NOT chunks

Hard to tell it is pate as writing on the box is foreign. £13 for 12 is extremely expensive. Could buy human pate, which is arguable healthier for half the price for probably double the amount. I feel robbed and angry 😡 . Please don't buy, buy human pate. Atleast you can enjoy a sandwich with your pet.
02/13/21 | Tamara


Absolutely brilliant!
11/18/20 | Fiona

Dry dog food

Excellent service

Dry dog food

Excellent service
08/26/20 | Mimi clout

Awesome value

3 fussy teacup Chihuahua, we tried everything, but this wins all round. Small bits for tiny jaws, and they even ask for more. Very happy dog mum
04/29/20 | Meinir Titman

Shiny Coat

This is the best food for my Dog he suffers IBS but this quality food keeps it at bay thank you Great service in hard Times
09/03/19 | Elaine Sealey


my chihuahua was really skinny and didn't look very healthy at all i changed to this food he is a different dog coat lovely and he has some meat on his bones now looking much better
07/19/16 | S Dawson

Only brand Gizmo will eat

I feed Gizmo (2.6kg) 2x 30g of dried adult Chihauhau per day and half a packet of wet adult teatime ... Thrives on it .. Also raw carrots, broccoli, cauliflower & sprouts .. Have no complaints .. Have been using Royal Canin since a baby is now 2yrs old ..
05/15/16 | Lisa

Excellent dog food

My two boxers have been on this food for three years. Their coats are beautiful and shiny, and really soft. I find the advice on how much to give them dependant on their exercise levels shown on the pack to be really useful.
04/28/16 | Carole

Best food ever

Our beautiful girl is our ninth german shepherd and as she was an adult when we got her and had been brought up on Royal Canin we stayed with it. Our other shepherds had been fed on other 'supposedly' excellent foods but none can compare with Royal Canin. Her coat is shiny and healthy, her general demeanour wonderful, and she loves her food. What a change not to have a picky eater which a lot of german shepherds are. The service and good prices at Zooplus help towards a very happy dog and owner.
04/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.es


My 8 month old puppy is in the middle of transitioning from junior to adult. As I said, truly unbeatable - Keeps her in great shape, supplies her with all the energy she needs to swim and run and most importantly she DEVOURS it and absolutely LOVES the taste. 10/10
04/14/16 | originally published in zooplus.es

He loves it!

I have a 3 y/o chihuahua, who has tried almost everything under the sun and found very little joy. Until we stumbled across this gem from RoyalCanin. He loves it!! Thank you :-)
04/04/16 | Julie Gibbison

Highly recommended

Having used Hills Science Plan for 7 years, I researched other food to try get the best combination of good food and additives to manage my lovely black Lab Logans wellbeing after he was diagnosed with Elbow displacia. I wondered if the breed specific was some marketing, but can't praise the food high enough. It's fantastic and works well with his on going meds. He is moving very well, and is thriving, coat back to shiny black
03/31/16 | Mrs hyde


Very fast delivery. great food my German Shepherd loves it
12/31/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

Great website

As always everything was perfect!

I can only recommend it

This was recommended to me by a puppy breeder and we are very very happy. Two years on, Elmo still looks forward to eating this. His coat is brilliant and his teeth are better than ever.
10/18/15 | blade

Royal canin german sheperd adult

Excellent ! Blade is a gsd second chance rescue, when he arrived he was 14 months old very poorly malnourished and had muscle wastage. After months of gentle hand feeding and exercise, he gradually became stronger. Now 7 years later he is large and healthy, he is very large for a gsd (not fat) and weighs 50+ kg with long hair and looks like a bear, his vet recently commented on how good and clean his teeth are. Thank you Royal canin and Zooplus for years of delivering a great product to my door, ensuring Blade gets the nutritious food and a healthy life every dog is entitled to.

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