09/14/18 | Lawrence Fagan

Royal Canin (Adult) Cavalier/King Charles Dry Dog Food

Excellent Product - Both our Dogs love this food! Would highly recommend!

08/02/18 | Marcia mazey

Royal Canin cavilet king charles

High quality food would definitely recommend it



Great service from zoo plus, my dog loves her food, she has a healthy shiny coat and is healthy eating this product

05/15/16 | Lisa

Excellent dog food

My two boxers have been on this food for three years. Their coats are beautiful and shiny, and really soft. I find the advice on how much to give them dependant on their exercise levels shown on the pack to be really useful.

04/28/16 | Carole

Best food ever

Our beautiful girl is our ninth german shepherd and as she was an adult when we got her and had been brought up on Royal Canin we stayed with it. Our other shepherds had been fed on other 'supposedly' excellent foods but none can compare with Royal Canin. Her coat is shiny and healthy, her general demeanour wonderful, and she loves her food. What a change not to have a picky eater which a lot of german shepherds are. The service and good prices at Zooplus help towards a very happy dog and owner.

04/04/16 | Julie Gibbison

Highly recommended

Having used Hills Science Plan for 7 years, I researched other food to try get the best combination of good food and additives to manage my lovely black Lab Logans wellbeing after he was diagnosed with Elbow displacia. I wondered if the breed specific was some marketing, but can't praise the food high enough. It's fantastic and works well with his on going meds. He is moving very well, and is thriving, coat back to shiny black

03/31/16 | Mrs hyde


Very fast delivery. great food my German Shepherd loves it

11/24/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


Great food for young cavaliers, very palatable and they wolf it down! The best thing is the size of the croquettes. I can only recommend!

10/18/15 | blade

Royal canin german sheperd adult

Excellent ! Blade is a gsd second chance rescue, when he arrived he was 14 months old very poorly malnourished and had muscle wastage. After months of gentle hand feeding and exercise, he gradually became stronger. Now 7 years later he is large and healthy, he is very large for a gsd (not fat) and weighs 50+ kg with long hair and looks like a bear, his vet recently commented on how good and clean his teeth are. Thank you Royal canin and Zooplus for years of delivering a great product to my door, ensuring Blade gets the nutritious food and a healthy life every dog is entitled to.

07/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Excellent product!

My lab has been on this food since a puppy. He has stomach problems and this food has been perfect for him. His coat is very shiny. Brilliant product.

05/28/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Superb food

My lab has been on this food since he was a puppy. Basically, it does exactly as it says on the tin. Or in this case the bag. Definitely recommend.

05/22/15 | Judy Rodgers


My 2 boys absouluty love this food and are thriving so well on it wouldn't buy anything else now everyone comments on their shiny coats and how alert they are.

05/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie


My 2 boys absouluty love this food and are thriving so well on it wouldn't buy anything else now everyone comments on their shiny coats and how alert they are.


Royal Canin Labrador specific food

Excellent product. good price from Zooplus and delivery , as always, speedy and efficient

05/03/15 | Penny

Great product

Our 6 1/2 year old rescue lab has been on Royal Canin since we got her at 11 months. We found the recommended portion far too much for her and feed her 115g twice a day. She is still a bit overweight. She has masses of energy and her coat is in great condition.

05/03/15 | Pauline Meadley


We've used Royal Canin Boxer for the past 8 years and as a result we have two very healthy Boxers. I would recommend bread specific food.

05/03/15 | Irina


My lab just love this food! It's balanced, great high quality!


super product

I have always used royal canin,my cavaliers love it. My dogs have always done well on it and I particularly like the breed food for cavaliers. I started my puppy on the junior and at 10 months has just gone onto adult,he really loves it.I would'nt use anything else


Very Tastey for My Dog

My dog was a fussy eater until we discovered this product, she has been on Royal Canin for years and loves it. Zooplus prices are very competitve and they give excellent service.