08/19/17 | Rob Alleway

Slim mini again

Our mini Schauzer began to put on weight after castration, and our vet advised us to watch his diet to stop him becoming overweight. We ordered this food for him and measure his portions. He loves the food and is now slim and happy as he should be.
02/05/17 | Sarah


Great food for my neutered working dog, she loves it and gives her enough for energy during working season.
05/18/16 | ashomchrn3o


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05/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

No problem

Very happy with this food for my lab, she loves eating it, maybe a bit too much. We still need to lose 2kg, so hopefully she will learn some control!
03/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Love it!

My Maltese has just been castrated, so I thought I'd treat him with these. Originally the puppy's formula had too much fat in, so I ordered this one to avoid weight gain, let's see how it goes in the long run. Perfect size, he can chew them just enough to maintain his teeth, but small enough to still devour quickly!
03/01/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr


They are a little too small for my Australian Shepherd. I agree with other reviews that they should be a bit bigger, but other than that have had no problems at all.
02/18/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Australian Shepherd

This new formula does not really agree with my australian shepherd because he swallows them down too greedily. This means more water consumption, lots of stool. Just a word of warning for those with larger dogs, as I had to give up a brand I've been loyal to for 15 years with all my other dogs and never had problems with.
02/08/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Junca loves it!

I just started giving my dog this food a few days ago after a little bit of convincing. A gradual transition works best in my opinion, no difficulties at all. However I noticed more frequent stools and higher water consumption. I got in touch with Purina and they reassured me that it was only due to the higher fibre consumption and would normalise again soon enough (few weeks). Congratulations to ZooPlus for such a good service!


Pretty efficient, my dogs seem to have lost a bit of weight, but they are a bit small for my bigger one who eats them too quickly


Great product at a great price
11/29/15 | Annie&Co

PP Sensitive Skin

This is a nice mid price range food. I had my dog on a more expensive brand for his itchy skin, but having changed to this brand I've found very little difference between the two brands. He looks good on the food, and it keeps him dandruff free with minimal itching. Can't comment on palatability as my dog will eat anything! If you're looking for a good quality food at a reasonable price then Proplan is a good brand to try.

Excellent value for money

Our boxer absolutely loves these croquettes! Great value for money, always a good offer available on this website, and that's without mentioning the reward scheme which is advantageous as ever! Thanks zooplus
07/21/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr


I have ordered this dog food for over 30 years for my dogs. Rapid delivery, and placed safely behind my house. Very satisfied!
07/09/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Perfect for my doggy who has sensitive skin and stomach. Rapid delivery Great promotional offers Thank you zooplus
07/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Perfect for my doggies

As a loyal customer of zooplus I would fully recommend this dog food from ProPlan - great quality
07/04/12 | Karena Harris

Diabetic dog

I have a 4 year old dog who was diagnosed as diabetic at Christmas. The vet recommended Pro Plan OM dry and tinned food.My dog loves the food and eats it all everytime. 6 months later we have a happy health dog who has been stable for some time now. Whilst this is not cheap dog food it is a balanced diet and helps with keeping my diabetic dog health (yes she still has 2 injestions a day aswell)
01/10/09 | Sandie Neighbour

Pro Plan Adult Lidht Chicken & Rice

I have used Purina Pro Plan since my Yorkshire terrier was 8wks old sh is now on the light chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice at the age of 12yrs old..I would not feed her anything else I swear by it..I am from England.
12/28/08 | Wendy Goddard

Good weight loss

My working cocker spaniel is having a good steady weight loss on this food ( and he loves it )I had previously fed another "light" food to him without success. Recommended
12/28/08 | Wendy Goddard

Good weight loss

My working cocker spaniel is having a good steady weight loss on this food ( and he loves it )I had previously fed another "light" food to him without success. Recommended
03/22/06 | Cheryll Hogan


please could you tell me when you will have proplan puppy large breeds in stock as i prefur to by on line

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