04/22/22 | Tamara Bowler

Good dog food

One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach and does very well on this
04/22/22 | Tamara Bowler

Excellent dog food

I have a tummy sensitive dog and she does brilliantly on this food
08/09/21 | Julia

healthy food

My girls love it, they are full of energy and look wonderfully healthy.
08/02/21 | Jost


Perfect for our dogs - a Border terrier and black lab. Boris is twelve and Monty is 9 both have always had your dog food since puppies. We have never had any problems
07/14/21 | Ileana

Love it!

My dog absolutely loves all of the flavours of food. She has never hesitated to clear her dish and I know she is getting a well balanced meal.
01/10/21 | Lucy

Bad for puppy’s stomach

My collie pup ate well and was healthy until I tried the puppy duck and rice food, now reduced eating and drinking and yellow runny bowel movements. Also she stopped getting out to the garden on time and her farts stink. Really not herself. She’s been fine on the lamb, turkey and fish varieties. Fish was her favourite but her coat smelt really fishy when she was in it.
09/15/20 | Margo


I’ve always used James wellbeloved for my dogs and cats, amazing food, never had any problems, their coats are shiny, they are healthy and energetic, goes down a treat with them and I’m happy they are receiving good nutritional food, I would highly recommend
04/15/19 | Deb

Caused stomach to bleed

Got my German Shepard from a rescue centre and they told us to use this, he had loose stools from day one, within 3 days he had stopped eating, his gut was bleeding and was becoming dehydrated. At the time we did not know it was food, to help is gut he was put other food. When this was introduced back into diet his gut started to bleed again, loose stools full of gut lining. Within 24 hours of being taken off it he was well again. Never used this food with previous dogs and will never use again.
03/01/19 | Kerry

Dog loves it

My dog absolutely loves this food. Please never stop making it!


07/12/18 | Jenny

Adult duck and rice dry dog food

Unfortunately this product was unsuitable for my frenchies. They have been eating the lamb and rice for 6 months and look really good on it. Ordered large bag so I had to purchase another bag of usual to mix with it. Just did not suit their stomachs. 😂🐶💷💷
01/02/18 | Damo

Diarrhea and loss of appetite

Awful smell, upsets 2 out of 3 of our dogs stomachs which resulted in a ruined carpet and a terribly embarrassed collie. Poor girl is so well behaved this will haunt her for ages! Jwb claim our dogs have sensitive stomachs and need to be weaned onto it, disgusting response!
11/24/16 | Kerry howard

Dogs enjoys but had allergies and hotspots

I changed my dog from Arden grange to James well beloved in the hope to reduce his allergic hotspots. However it was even worse! Immediately after eating he'd go bright red and scratch frantically. He lost fur all around his eyes and nose and even scratched a hole in his head. I've now changed to raw and he has settled down tremendously. I am reluctant to even use any kibble even if we go away for the weekend where raw isn't perhaps suitable, it was that bad.
06/16/15 | Mary

My two large dogs love this food

I started using this food when my Vet recommended to me for Hanzi my Ridgeback, Hanzi got bloat and had to be operated on, the Vet suggested this food as it does not swell when its digested, i use it for my Weimaraner too, when i got Izzy from Weim rescue her number two`s were runny, since using James Wellbeloved she is thriving and her coat is so shiny, this food is worth every penny, i would never feed my dogs on cheap dog food, i love Zooplus, the price is great, i have now started feeding my elderly cat on James Wellbeloved and he loves it, i also have a Bichon and he also loves James Wellbeloved.

James Wellbeloved Duck & Rice

Excellent price and prompt (2 day) delivery. Will definitely use again.

James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice

None of my dogs ever refuse when James Wellbeloved Adult Duck and Rice is in their dish.
02/20/14 | Manon


Amazing! I am so happy I bought this product! My dog is really content! thank you Zooplus.
02/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Beautiful coat

We have two dogs, one small and one large. Borh dogs have always been fed on James wellbeloved since puppies. They never appear to have bad tummies and their coats are so shiny and beautifully soft. I would truly recommend this product above any other.
02/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

the solution to our problems

I would recommend giving this a go if your dog suffers from allergies. It works against a variety of allergies. Other foods can lead to the development of yeast infections, ear infections, stomach upset, etc. We've gone a year so far without any symptoms and any need for medication. Good job!
02/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

No more itching

I've tried so many times to fix my dog's problems with allergies, using various tricks and diets. And James Wellbeloved actually works. Our dog no longer constantly scratches himself, has cracked, bleeding skin but rather has a shiny coat. It took a while for our dog to get used to the food, but now thins are great.

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