Great dog food

Our dog is 13 now and in great shape. Vet always comments that he is a good weight & in great shape.
12/11/17 | Mandy Baker

My dog can't get enough!

I have recently tried my little dog on this. He does usually have a premium food. So I was looking to upgrade. He loves it. He is now eating meals regularly which is fantastic. My cat keeps stealing it too! Must be good.
11/22/17 | Gina and Stewie

Sensitive JRT

My 2.5 year old JRT has been on the same dry food since a puppy, but he has recently trialled this. He has a sensitive stomach and I am so impressed with this that he has now switched. His coat is lovely, and it he has had no upset stomachs when switching, and still has lots of energy and bounce for agility.
11/17/17 | Brogan

Would recommend

Informative packaging with a lot of information to decide if it’s for your dog, dogs seemed to of taken to it very well and enjoyed it with no hesitation a lot of information on how to portion it out so there not being over or under fed, would definitely recommend! Well worth the money if your looking for a good quality dog food that’s contains what it says on the packet and isn’t full of rubbish
03/11/16 | Heather

Not such good quality

I've almost always had a hard time getting my border collie cross to eat his food, so after suggestions from a few friends and seeing a lot of good reviews in the food, thought we could give it a go. At first, he enjoyed it (got a small bag from my local pet shop to try him on, slowly mixing with his old food) but once I purchased a big bag that's when the trouble started, his ears started to get VERY warm and red and he was always scratching, after just shy of a week of this we got him to the vets. After a steroid injection and some tablet strriod to take home he seemed to improve (vet suggested it was some from of allergy) but as soon as we began weaning him off the steroids his ears flared up again so we put him on chicken and rice for a few days and low and behold it cleared up again! Since feed in him this food any foods with wheat in set his ears off and certain high wheat content treats so the same In all honesty though, I really don't think this food is particularly high quality, it has a lot of salt in it (which makes bland foods more appetising for dogs) and the meat quantity and quality is not so good for a food that rrp's for around £30 a sack. To be honest there are much better quality foods out there for the money so I'm staying clear and won't be recommending this food to others With regards to zooplus's service though, they are amazing! Very quick delivery and came packaged well, will be order in from them again... just not this food
05/03/15 | Mrs A W Anderson

A Winner

All my dogs{cross breeds labrador/lurcher,terrier/labrador,and jack rusell] have all thrived on Iams dry dog food.It is so convenientto use and store and has a long use before date.I always buy 12kgs size which keeps fresh to the end of the bag.Simply decant into smaller container for daily use.

Good Value

Eric the collie is doing very nicely on this! We've tried both cheaper & more expensive brands, but settled for Iams. I usually stock up when there's an offer...so very good value for money too!

A good healthier dry food

My dog had a very bad time with pancreatitis a couple of months ago and since then I have been feeding her with plain boiled chicken, rice and pasta. Then I introduced Iams as a dry food to add or on its own which she adjusted to very quickly..considering, before she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, we fed her all sorts of treats with her daily dentastick (covered in high fat content) after her morning run, and she rarely enjoyed her previous dried food..she was never over weight in fact a little under weight.she is so much better and happier now and is her usual weight (10k)..it was very hard to take away all her treats (everything) but she suffered so much it was the best move I made to help her recover..she is a cross fox terrier (mix greyhound). She is very very fast and jumpy and her hair is ginger and wirey, but I have to admit it is shiny too.
09/22/10 | Diane Tunstall

Value for money

We changed our two dogs over to Iams without a problem and they have thrived on it. The other good thing is my purse has thrived too as the bag seems to last so much longer than my old dry food.

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