Great treats

Our pup absolutely loves these


Blue Plastic Inside

I had been buying the mini bones but bought some of these and ended up breaking them in half for smaller bits anyway. Inside I found little pieces of blue plastic. These also contain a lot of additives and preservatives.

04/13/18 | CLAIR CHENEY


These are just great, both my dogs adore them...so handy and just the right size, not too hard or soft. Highly recommend .


Neat treat

My dog enjoys raw tripe so bought the tripe treats. He really loves them. I find them great to have in my pocket as they don't break up & don't smell.

04/28/16 | Mrs B Polglaze

Dog became hyperactive

I bulk- bought several varieties of these treats & ended up giving most of them away to a charity collection bin. Our dog became totally hyper-active when given these & only calmed down over the course of 2-3 days after stopping them.

05/03/15 | Margaret

Great value!

My cocker spaniel loves these. They are small and handy to pop in your pocket when going for a walk. They do go a bit hard if you leave them in your pocket - but it gives the dog something to crunch!!! He loves them.

06/18/13 | Duncan and Rosie from Scotland

Perfect for training, our dogs love them!

We have been buying these for months now, we get some every time we order. We often buy the saver packs as they are great value. Both of our dogs love these and they are a great size, we prefer them to the larger treats out there (as they can have more of these but still be treated when they need too). They are also great for training, when one of dogs goes to a training class I often put some in my pocket. They are ideal for training especially when you need quite a few treats, the small size makes them ideal. Highly Recommended.

01/02/13 | Brian Mackie

Used for Training

My GSP likes these treats and they work for most training. They are not as tasty as liver cake which is somtimes the big gun that you need for the ultimate reward. So only 4 stars.

12/03/12 | kate fisher

great all round treat

My dog absolutely loves these and as they are quite dry and not too smelly they are perfect for popping a few in your pocket.

09/06/12 | Laura

Great Treats!

I find these perfect for training and my dog loves them !!

09/06/12 | Rebelina

Great for training treats

I have tried so many things for training treats, but was delighted when I found these (I haven't bought anything else for training since!). They are small, semi-moist bone shaped treats, which can be easily broken in half if you want something even smaller. My dogs love them. The bag they come in is convenient enough to fit into a jacket pocket if you don't have your own training treat bag, and the noise the bag makes is useful too - the dogs come running when they hear it! I buy these in bulk. We even have a packet inside the boot room and only have to shout on the dogs for them to come tearing in to get their Chewie! A great success, and highly recommended by my two :-)

09/24/11 | Lora


Having searched high and low for semi moist treats for my fussy dog, I was worried that I would buy another pack of uneaten treats. These are fantastic they are being eaten with great gusto for a change. Will be back for more.

05/29/09 | Sandra

really great!

These treats are really great. Our dog has so far loved every single flavour. They aren't too large, so perfect for training. And no sugar!!! I think that's quite important, so I enjoy feeding them as well. ;-)