great value for money

My dogs love those sticks, soem of them are bigger some are smaller but this is fine. Dogs love them
10/01/21 | Sian

Good value

Based on reading negative reviews of this product I’ve always been put off buying them, but thought I’d finally give them a try. I think they are fantastic value. There is a variety of sizes in the pack, some a lot thinner than others but that suits me fine as I have 2 small breed dogs. For £10 for 25 sticks I’m surprised people think they’d be bigger/thicker. They smell no worse than any other dried pizzle I’ve purchased, including ones I’ve dehydrated! Perfect as a bedtime snack for my dogs.
02/08/21 | Matt C

Most cost-effective chew we've had!

Our rescue dog absolutely shreds through chews. I despaired when she obliterated a yakkers £6 chew in 10 minutes. Admittedly these things only last 20-30 minutes a go, and yes - they smell bad (to us, the dog LOVES them), but at 0.40p per serving, I'm more than happy with that! Excellent value, the only issue is they sell out so fast, when they're back in I'll be ordering 5-10 bags!
09/20/20 | Samantha Wilson

My Dogs Favourite

These are great for 2 reasons! Firstly my dogs love them and virtually do cartwheels when they come out!! Secondly they last the longest out of any treat we've used. They do come in a variety of thicknesses some are skinny some are really chunky & I choose them depending on the result I want, if I have friends over for coffee I give them nice chunky ones to give us some peace! My Golden Retriever can get through them fairly swiftly but my Cocker Spaniel can take a good while with a chunky one.
05/19/20 | Alex.


Last 2 packs I bought of these were pathetic... no decent sized ones, just thin "sticks"... my 2 packs before were great. The better pack consist of thicker ones and thinner ones, which suits me as sometimes my dog only wants a small one. Zooplus need to quality control them better. My dog loves these so she's happy.
04/29/20 | Emily


These are great chews which last my dogs a little while so are good for their teeth. There is a large variety of sizes, although I like this as I have a Labrador and a small terrier.
01/06/20 | Toni

The Smell!

I have bought these regularly from Zooplus and never been disappointed. I received the new ones this week and I was blown away by how full the bag was, however , the smell is so overwhelming it made my house stink and I was quite literally retching. So far I’ve given him 2 and both have gone in the bin after 15mins. I can’t stand it and I’m not easily bothered by these things. I’m going to have to bin the whole bag, what a waste.
10/25/19 | TG

nice pieces

Reading other reviews, I was a bit worried but the pack was full to bursting, there were a range of widths, most of which were chunky. Our pup likes them, but our elderly collie declined. Lots of chewing, and they lasted well.
10/02/19 | Sally Powles

Best value pizzle I've found

Pizzles are so expensive but a real favourite of my lot. These are great value and good quality, the only ones I buy now.


My dog loves pizzle. He has turned his nose up at this brand. They are definitely not right.
06/23/19 | Alex

Not worth the money

I've been buying these for a few years but recently they are pathetic.. you get 3 or 4 nice ones then the rest are like straws... wont be buying again.... if you buy big ones they last ages... freeze first and they last even longer.... Zoo Plus sort it out! they are not value for money!

Waste of money

Like dried sticks and both dogs had them gone in a minute. I’ve bought other pizzle sticks before and it’s lasted them ages. Waste of money and very disappointed

Won't be buying these again!

In a pack of 25 there were less than half a dozen decent pieces. Most were thin and insignificant and didn't even deserve to be called a 'piece'. The dogs loved them but I was extremely disappointed with the purchase!
09/10/18 | Amanda


These dried Pizzles are my dog's favourites. they keep him quiet for hours. The only problem is I go through them quickly!
06/05/18 | Marion Creswell

Some are very very skinny. Not like photo shown.

Dog loves them so no complaint with that. My issue is that many of them are incredibly skinny. Certainly very few of them in the pack look like the ones in the photo they use to show the product.
08/29/17 | Vianna


Both my white shepherd and Irish terrier love them and they last for a longer time than most chews. Will definitely keep this on the 'to buy' list forever!
08/01/17 | Suzanne

My 1 year old

Charlie loves these so much he buries them under his bedding to chew on later, when he is chewing on them his there for ages, good for his teeth too. They do smell a little but the pleasure I get from watching my dog enjoy them is priceless. I would highly recommend them but first buy the 5 packet to see if your dog likes them. I personally always buy the 25 packet.
04/09/17 | Rob

Excellent dogs favourite treat

A perfect natural treat for any dog. Great for their teeth and these and are not as smelly as the ears or hooves. Buy buy buy I say.
02/05/17 | Sylvia Clegg

not what I thought.

I bought some pizzle sticks from the vets and my dog loved them. These are so different - they smell awful. The dog took the stick outside and buried it in the garden. He was not impressed at all. Wish I had gone for the smaller packet as it was a waste of money.
09/14/16 | Katie

Pug pup adores them

My pug mix pup has been on raw, natural foods since she was 9 weeks old, so naturally I also wanted her to eat healthier, more natural treats. She LOVES these pizzle sticks and will happily hunker down on the couch with one anchored beneath her paws. She's not a voracious chewer so just 1 stick will last her a couple of weeks... and even then she can never finish them - not that I'm complaining! Amazing value, low smell and happy pup - definitely buying again!

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