09/21/21 | Chucklede

Excellent sturdy little reward training treat bag!

This is a fantastic little treat reward bag. It's sturdy & well made. Excellent value for money too. I would recommend indeed!
03/27/20 | Relly

Perfect for everyday use!

Love the size of the bag although if I had to comment I would prefer it to be a bit deeper to hold more treats as I have more than one dog. clips on nice & easy to your trousers or bag even clips onto a belt. Doesnt irritate you as your on walks.
10/28/19 | Kim

Ok but quality not great

Great to begin with perfect size to either clip on trousers or put in a coat pocket. After a few months it has frayed and put strands of thread in the bag onto the food. Wouldn't buy again
07/23/18 | Dee Lyons

Frayed at seams after only few months.

Disappointing and a waste of money. It frayed at the bottom seams after a few months. Agree with another unhappy purchaser, that it's sewn together too close to edge of material. Bought a Hunter one as a replacement.
05/05/18 | Jess

Works just as you want it to

I haven't tried to wash it yet, but i don't see why there'd be a problem. I keep my puppy's treats in there whilst we're training, i don't use the drawstring much as i need quick access to the food, but it's effective when i do need it. The clip slides nicely and securely onto my waistband or pocket so i can move it to wherever i like. Seems like it's made of sturdy material too.

Very poor quality!

FOR: Brilliant bag and great design. AGAINST: This has hardly been used this and it started to fray Can't post photos unfortunately). Now it is showing the lining. Not impressed with the quality as it has been stitched too near the material's edge.
04/21/17 | Maria

Its okay.

Good size, washes well, nice colours. Pretty standard value for the price. The stiching isnt great on the back, the clip is bad quality so if you want to clip it, maybe look at another product, otherwise this will do the job!
02/26/17 | Rosie

Lucky find - get one!

So glad I bought this treat bag. The top effectively has a flexible hoop that keeps the bag open making it very easy to dip in to grab a treat. Even excluding the top 5cm which is unusable if the drawstring’s used (as seen in the picture provided), there’s room for a good cupful of treats. There’s a 5cm belt loop with a strong clip behind it for sliding on to a belt or waistband. The robust nylon lining easily pulls outwards to wipe clean when necessary. Altogether very well designed.
02/09/17 | Paul

Well made treat bag

Purchased as a replacement for a bag we bought from a pet supermarket that fell apart. We have had this one for six months and it still looks as good as new.
09/28/16 | Yvonne

Good idea but badly made

Ive had 5 of these now and the stitching on the strap holding the belt clip has come undone every single time making it impossible to clip to anything. With 3 big, boisterous labs the last thing I have free is a hand to hold a treat bag. The first one lasted quite a while, the next one less but the last two, one didn't last a week, another less than two. Zooplus said they would speak to the manufacturer but no change. Really useful bags if it wasn't for this flaw. and if they improve would buy.
11/29/15 | Annie&Co

A good treat bag

I've bought quite a few treat bags and this has been my favourite. It's larger than many, a plus for my dog who is a rescue in constant training. Clips easily to your belt. Has the open top which is invaluable when you need to get to treats fast! Well lined inside, easily wiped clean or washed. And a drawstring when you're not using the treats (a rare occurrence for me, but ideal). At the lower price of £2.49 (at the time I wrote this review) I would buy several!
05/03/15 | Ricki

Well made and excellent value for money

I think I bought about 5 of these so far. Very pleased with the design, perfect size to easily access treats and it comfortably fits a few handfuls of treats. The drawstring design means that it can be easily closed when needed (generally when caught in a rain shower or doing a quick sprint in our case). Unfortunately the last few I ordered had faulty drawstrings, but given the price, they are still very much usable. They are double layered and come in a nice unobtrusive brown/cream colour with a belt loop and a hook to attach easily to your belt. We generally replace our every 1.5 years or so, as they can become a bit sticky when using very oily/moist treats with them, but they also hand wash very neatly and I have also stuck one in the washing machine with the dog blankets and it was still usable afterwards. Considering the prices, sizes and designs of other treat bags, this one comes out tops in all categories.
11/12/14 | Sheila

Well designed

I like this bag as it is big enough to put your hand in and pull out the treat quickly (very important when training your dog!) and it also has a rigid top unlike the floppy treat bags which are normally sold and which are very hard to get a treat out quickly.
08/02/14 | Laura

Excellent value

A bit bigger than I was expecting! I was hoping to put treats in but the drawstring will not close all the way so they cannot be stored. I only bought it as the belt loop on my other treat bag was no good - this works perfectly as I can keep the treats in my old bag and just use this as an extra 'pocket'. Especially helpful in the summer as I can still wear shorts and clip it onto my belt. Easily fits my phone, keys, poo bags, comb and a full treat bag inside!
06/13/14 | Sue E

Really handy

This is so handy for dispensing rewards. It fits right inside my coat pocket like a liner, and in summer I hang it from my waist-band by the clip. Also the drawstring keeps the top closed to prevent cheeky help-yourself dogs getting their nose in! Well worth the money.
03/21/13 | rachael

Essential dog walking tool!!

I bought this about six months ago, to use whilst training my puppy, and still use it every single day! Its great for walks, hooks straight onto my jacket pocket, and my clicker attaches easily to it, to allow hands free walking, essential when trying to control three mad min pins! The drawstring allows you to close the bag tightly, yet when you need to quickly get a treat out, you don't need to fiddle with the string, you can easily open it and retrieve a treat with just one hand.
03/09/12 | Wuluf

Saves dirty pockets

I bought this after getting fed up of greasy pockets. I also don't like wearing a bum-bag, this at least is discreet. It's big enough so you can quickly shove your hand in so aren't fumbling for treats. It's not good to keep a dog waiting when it's just done something right! Tough, washable and not a silly colour. Practical drawstring too so that the treats don't fall out when you bend down.
06/13/11 | Sanny

very happy!

I use it every day now and the bag lasts well. For my little Jack Russell it fits more than enough treats. He gets Hunter training mix as his reward. We are really happy! =)

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