A very weedy pig

Our Labrador enjoyed playing with this for nearly half an hour, then we had to take it off her as she'd already swallowed the ears and another couple of minutes would have seen the squeak go the same way.

04/07/21 | Joe Mochan

Destroyed in about 30 mins

My 5kg terrier tore an ear off and that made the squeaker break, also presented a risk of bits being swallowed so not a robust enough material


Not suitable for dogs

Our Lab chewed this apart in a day. Maybe ok for a toddler but not for a dog.

01/19/21 | Joe

A lot weaker than expected

This was torn into a broken in around 30 minutes so was a lot weaker than I expected for a solid toy.

08/29/19 | Sam

Small Dog's Favourite

We've had a variety of different makes and types of toy and this is our jackawawa's favourite and longest standing. After a few months he has just mangled the snout a bit. It doesn't look exactly like the one pictured but he loves it and the noise it makes (and much less annoying than constant high pitch squeaking). It's quite entertaining.

06/19/18 | Amy

Better quality than those in a pet shop

Ours is still going :-( my poor ears. Cheaper and better quality than those in a pet shop

04/30/18 | Jade Shuttleworth


The grunt didnt work and the material ripped within minutes of the dog chewing it. Very cheaply made product

03/25/18 | Viv


Our Great Dane ADORES this and rests her head on it and howls. Marvellous. She searches for it if she can't find it and it is not damaged at all (but then she is in love with it).

03/10/18 | Rose Ansell

Latex pig

Cannot believe that in 2 days my 6 month bison frise managed to chew thru this toy, he has toys purchased from local pound shop that are still intact very dissapointed

11/14/17 | Simon

My Chocolate Lab Adores It

This is our second Squeaky Pig. First one was grey, but identical and had lasted about 2 years, although the squeaker was gone pretty quickly after purchase. Our lab is so soft mouthed with latex toys such as this and the chicken we have for him. Only recently a couple of tears appeared in the grey piggy, so we thought we would get him a new one. The new one is identical but it's pink, more realistic lol. One happy lab. We are having bets on how long the squeaker lasts.


Pink pig

My Staffie was so excited, she treasures her latex squueky toys and doesn't destroy them. Sadly, this pig has material stuffing inside - she broke it to get at the stuffing - I can't give her material squeeky toys and thought the pig was just latex. Going to try again, see if I can take snoyt sqeeker out, take inside stuffing and put squeeker back in.

07/03/17 | leonard sosnowsky


lasts five minutes with my terrier .

03/11/16 | N Cooper-Slorach

Not very strong

My dog loved this toy and it was really funny to watch him playing with it however it only lasted a couple of hours. I noticed he had fluff round his mouth and when I went to see what he had done the pigs ear was off and its stuffing was coming out.

10/06/15 | Sue

Grunting pig

my westie loves this toy. the only toy he is interested in. Long lasting and he is destructive. Zooplus is the best value around for this toy.

08/01/15 | C Hammond

Not long-lasting

My labrador puppy loved the toy, but it only lasted an hour before getting chewed the pieces. Not strong plastic

05/28/14 | Karolina

Not strong enough

My 11 month labrador loves this toy. It was third time when I ordered it but unfortunately it took just one day to destroy it:-( so it not so strong like it suppose to be.

04/30/13 | Sarah

Excellent Toy

My dog absolutely loves this toy, the noise the texture, the size. Fantastic and seems to last!

04/22/13 | Stibule

Not for big dogs

Unfortunately my labradoodle, who loved this piggie and its fab grunty oink, took about 10 minutes to extract the oink and about 25 minutes to utterly destroy the piggie. She loved it while she had it though!

09/18/12 | Dee

Favourite toy ever!

This is my 6 month old little yorkie's favourtie toy. She has the little one in pink and grey. She wrestles with it runs around with it (more like drags it around as she is quite tiny). Hours of fun. So far very durable. Milly gives it 5 stars and recommends that all furry friends NEED one asap!! :)

09/12/11 | Mspv

The ultimate toy for my Pif dog

A well-made toy with incredible oinking sound. It became a favorite toy of my dog. You may watch him playing with the toy here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc6yj0eNGyM