03/26/21 | Beata

My pups favorite toy

First day, 15 toys and she picks this one! She sleeps with it and is playing all the time❤ No damges for now in 1week with us (she is 9 weeks old staffi🥰) Definitely Recommend !!!

Pup loves it.

A little smaller than expected but my Mini Schnauzer pup loves it . It could do with being a bit longer, just to keep fingers away from those little nippy teeth, hence 4 stars. I would buy it again
09/22/20 | Alison HART

5 minutes

Dog loved this so much that after just 5 mins it had lost a leg. 15 minutes later he'd got down to the tennis ball...
11/04/19 | Noel & Loki

Good for cat bad for dog

I gotta assume this is a cat toy and I bought the wrong thing for my 7 month Doberman. It arrived today and I have it him at 1530... By 1547 he had ripped it enough to expose the ball (probably his aim cause he loves cuddly toys and taking them apart)
03/12/18 | Alyson Byard

Puppies love them.

I have had several of these toys and they haven’t let me down yet. No so good for my big girls, as the don’t last too long. But for puppies they are a great toy.
09/27/17 | Hani

Only one that's survived!

Since buying a host of toys when first getting my pup at 3 months (4 months ago), this is the only one (apart from his kong) that has lasted. May be down to him not playing with it as much as the others, but it still looks brand new. Feels tougher than a lot of the other toys, and he's not been able to pull it apart yet

Pup loves it

This is a great toy. A perfect size for a whippet pup's mouth. He enjoys throwing it around & chewing it's legs.

Not dachshund-proof

Great fun for our dachshund but only lasted four days. I had to cut out what remained of one of the rubber balls as he was chewing it into pieces! He loves it though. The fabric is fairly tough. If you have a dog who chews things to bits then I would not recommend this toy. Certainly not dachshund-proof. On the other hand, the mini Kong rubber toy is fantastic, he carries it around with him everywhere!
01/28/15 | Christina Møller

Good toy but would've liked to choose the color

As I bought this as a gift for my friends new french bulldog girl, I was kinda upset to find that it came in light blue instead of the pink or lavender one pictured in the product pictures. It would have been nice to be able to choose the color, it is not a cheap toy...
05/20/14 | Miau

Large one not Pink but Lavender Coloured

Lost a star because I was expecting a pink one as shown in the product photo. I got a pale lavender coloured one instead. I bought this to replace the year(ish) old pink small one my little girl had loved to death. I would say the large toy is roughly 3 times the size of the small toy if you're thinking of getting a larger one for your little one that's now grown a bit. My dog seems to like the bigger dog toys for some reason and she's taken to this new Snugga with a passion. Hope it lasts as long as or longer than the old one!

My dogs favourite toy!

We have had the wubba for about 6 months now, my Boxer always seemed to like them at the pet shop so I picked one up on zooplus. I think it has really stood the test of time, we play tug of war with it and it has never ripped, he is comical when he gets going he will run around shaking it around and tossing it up in the air before catching it again. He will often even just walk around carrying one of the legs in his mouth and the rest hanging down. It's perfect for playing indoors with, all I have to do is say go get your wubba and the fun begins! I am sure he could rip it apart if he wanted but he has never been one for doing so, so probably not a great toy for those who like to rip their toys. It is however far better than other soft toys I have bought him and has lasted far longer with no signs of letting up just yet.
05/19/10 | Theresa

Great name, great product

My 2 dogs adore their Snugga Wubbas. The fleecy cover feels lovely and soft, and these toys are fairly durable. That being said, my 2 are on their second Snugga Wubba each, having removed the covers on the previous ones - for that reason, it is best not to leave your dog unattended with this toy if it is a power chewer. The balls that make up the Wubba make for additional fun, though. Worth every cent just to see my dogs look so comical with the Snugga Wubbas in their mouths, and the tentacles making them look like something from Pirates of the Caribbean!
01/15/10 | Rirl

Too fragile for puppy teeth

We've had great success with other kongs but our 3 month old puppy ate a hole in this and got the plastic interior out in the first afternoon. Pity it wasn't stronger as he loved it.

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