10/14/21 | Matt

Puppy loves it...

Bought this as many others had recommended it and we weren't disappointed. The toy provides a fun way to feed our puppy part of her meals (dry kibble) and she loves it. The only slight issue is that the hole is quite big, think 5p piece, so treats come out quite easily and therefore quickly (which she loves) and can't be adjusted. We have a Busy Buddy Squirrel that can be modified to suit your food but the Wobbler provides an alternative when she gets frustrated with Buddys' 'slow' dispensing

12/25/20 | Elizabeth

Max loves it

Max absolutely loves his wobbler.


Much loved toy

Our girls simply love their kong wobbler, it is by far their favourite toy. Very sturdy.

03/27/19 | Chelsey

My Dog Loved It

I had one of these when my lab was young, I got it to keep him occupied when left along. One evening I saw the top half completely chewed up and bits all over the floor. This was completely my fault as I hadn’t done it up correctly. I replaced it because he loved it so much. I have not had any other issue.



My 8 month old Beagle was a nightmare when my family and I were eating meals and gobbled her own food in seconds. The Kong wobbler not only keeps her busy while we eat but also slows her eating down. It's well made, easy to use and easy to clean. Everyone's happy

02/19/19 | Rachel

Great slow feeder

Easy to open and close to refill. Easy to clean. Will move around an open space so I place mine in a tray.


Good for fast eaters

My 5 mo old beagle quickly learned how to use it and this stops the dog from swallowing her food within secs. Now it takes her over 4 min to finish her meals.


Not great. Will stick to original kong.

I think my lab & goldie must both be daft because there was no way they would use these. Tasty treats popped inside, tipped it so they knew where they came out, tried to pretend to get them out myself, left it with them whilst I went out. Nope treats were left untouched. For me I have two useless lumps of plastic in the doggie box. The original kong is so much better. This is also very heavy.

09/13/18 | Roo

Essential dog distracter / frustration fixer

Really excellent dog toy. Almost indestructible as they can't bite it. Great for slow feeding kibble, distracting an anxious dog while you leave the house or a beggy dog while you have dinner! Niff loves smashing this around, it vents energy and frustration. It's noisy on laminate flooring/skirting boards, can travel at speed & is hard plastic, so maybe be careful if you have very small kids crawling. Hasn't marked our skirting - yet.


Superb toy for a bouncy boistrous boxer pup!

I bought this having read other reviews and can say in all honesty I am so glad I did. Cooper loves it! He is a very big 10 month old pup at 33kg, and so has puppy mentality and full grown adult size. He LOVES this, and will play with it endlessly, with or without treats in it. We have to take it off him to stop him! We get full on all four paws in the air jump attacks! A brilliant, robust, well designed toy. Highly recommend

09/05/17 | Helena

Keeps the dog entertained

Bought the large one for a Jack Russell x Dachshund who is prone to destroying his toys. After a brief training session (where I put a couple of bits of kibble under a plastic cup) he got the idea and since then there has been no stopping him. Happily it's too big for him to get his jaws around, so there isn't a scratch on it so far!


Good but need to teach my dog

Great as most treats fit and get dispensed as well as dry food but my girl is a bit lazy and was making me show her how the treats fell out and would only eat them then. I know she can use it as I've seen her sneakily push it but she thinks playing dumb will give treats no effort. More training needed. Can't fault the product it's just my dog



both my dogs love this keeps them busy for ages, will be buying another

04/27/16 | Lee dobson

Good but not great

My boy loves this occupies him as we guve him his dinner in this but last week my wife came and to see him chewing the base he had managed to bite the top of from the bottom some how . I'm going to buy another as he loves it so much but not going to be buying one every four months if he does this one aswell

04/02/16 | Wendy Jolley

Hard wearing for dogs of all sizes.

I have 3 of these for 5 dogs. I got them on the other offer - free snacks. I didn`t use them as too tiny. However I had some Lucullus dog biscuits from here. Perfect for the Kong Wobbler. 1 of my dogs uses these as a boomer ball / running egg effect. My Pug plays boxing with it. She gives it a quick left hook, then a right hook and the snacks come out at a slow but steady pace. Its a fab product as it`s really strong and keeps the smallest of my brood @ 6.5 kg - 43 kg very entertained.

03/15/16 | Cathy Palmer

Great for even the smallest of puppies

I thought my Pomeranian puppy would struggle with this as it looked so big but in a couple of days he had mastered an interesting head butting technique that results in him emptying the toy in no time at all. He loves it and gets so excited when I fill it up and it is so funny to watch him manoeuvre it underneath and around all the furniture.

06/08/14 | Barbara

Excellent and hygienic too!

This is a great dog treat toy. It is weighted at the base and, when the dog pushes it, it wobbles and spins. Unlike other brands (such as the cube type or basic ball with a hole) this unscrews, which makes it easy to fill. Being able to unscrew it also means one can thoroughly clean the inside, which makes it far more hygienic than other designs (after all, many kibbles can leave a rather oily dust behind). This snack ball would be ideal for dogs that eat their kibble too quickly. The only negative aspect of giving my dog this ball is that he makes such a noise with it by whacking it into skirting boards and cupboards!

06/08/14 | Canadian

Tuff enjoyable toy

Finding a tough toy that can withstand a pounding and strong teeth is extremely hard. The Kong wobbler is pushed around and then he finds a treat dispensed. The Kong wobbler does not roll but it tilts then spins around so it is unpredictable keeping our dog's attention. Most toys are ruined within a day or so so well done to the Large Kong Wobbler

04/29/14 | Dani

Waggy tail!

I showed this to my dog and he immediately "got it" and started working to get the treats out. I used smaller treats to start so he was rewarded quickly and then put in some larger ones that he really had to work for. He has spent the last 45 mins playing very happily with a very waggy tail. Loves it.


can't recommend highly enough

My spanish water dog sometimes takes a bit of coaxing to eat dried food out of a bowl. But , if he is given it in this, he will eat with vigour! He would become despondent if he had to work too hard for a whole portion of food. I do have to refill it, as , if you overfill it, it obviously won't wobble very much. It is so easy to clean. We had a buster ball too, which is great for my little sheltie as she needs such a small quantity of food and it is harder. The trouble with that one is that it won't come apart to empty and clean, unlike the Kong wobbler.Great for any age dog.