04/02/21 | Demi


These are the best toys that I believe they have for dogs. No toys last for my dogs as they spend all day trying to destroy anything they get. I just recently purchased a new one as my staffie has been trying to eat his last one for the past 5 years and has finally succeeded. Longest lasting toy ever .
02/10/21 | michaela

Good quality

My dog is the snack assassin and wolfs his food down, i use the to put his dinner in and freeze. Keeps him happy, busy and they are very durable. Good value for money
11/13/20 | Amy Cox


This keeps our 10m old puppy quite and happy for hours
12/26/18 | sam wickham

top class toy

my staffy girl has had this for around 22 months and all it has is a few good teeth marks around it, she can’t destroy it however much she tries. and believe me, she can get through any toy with in minutes. these black extreme toys are the absolute nuts for tough chewers. the black bone is brilliant aswell, she loves tug with both. i’m about to get her the ball aswell. she has large sizes
01/17/17 | Chris

Our dog loves these but they are definitely not indestructable!

Our dog goes absolutely crazy for kongs, from the moment you walk in the door with it in your bag, he can smell the rubber and wants the kong. He is a a staffie and we've found that the XXL Extreme Kong to be the best choice as he destroys toys with ease, he seems determined to destroy any toy he's given... We have to ration his use of the Kong to ensure it lasts longer. If your dog isn't as crazy about destroying toys as ours and you're looking for a strong toy, I think this is the kong for y
04/14/16 | Annie&Co

Good for tough chewers

The regular red Kongs get 'killed' quite quickly (within a few weeks of medium use) by my chewer. These are perfect for keeping him busy while I'm out, and I'm more confident it's not going to be in pieces when I get home. Also good to fill and freeze for hot days!

3 days..

Don't bother with this if your dog has a strong jaw. Took my dog less than 3 days to get through it and this is supposed to be the best one as it was xxl extreme. Great if your dog just plays and goes for the food but it certainly isn't indestructible.. 3 days..
10/27/14 | Flo

Not indestructible

A very good toy probably the best Kong has although not indestructible. It did last a few months the best Kong toy yet!
05/16/14 | Jacquelyn

Not indestructible

This is an excellent toy, however my Doberman goes through up to three a year .... so sadly not indestructible in my case! Hours of pleasure however is gained from his kong but it does mark the carpet after several uses.
01/03/14 | Kathy

Best Toy Ever

Indestructible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 2 year old American Bulldog destroyed every toy she ever got within 10 minutes till she got Kong Extreme - Black XXL. She tried to rip it to pieces and was on it for 16 hours nonstop with no results. She has it for 2 months now and the Kong Extreme is still in one piece with no visible damage. It was the best toy we ever got and she loves it.
07/04/13 | Philip

worth every penny

The Kong Extreme is the only toy our Australian Cattle Dog hasn't managed to kill. Just don't drop it on your toes!
09/22/12 | Dan Richardson

Worth it's weight in gold.

This toy has saved my home from being chewed, Lottie was a rescue dog who was struggling to settle in due to separation issues. This allowed her to use her brain and kept her busy. Lottie is a very heavy chewer and her kong extremes have lasted relentless hours of chewing.
09/08/12 | Sarah

Great entertainer and so far it has stayed in one piece!

Filled with peanut butter, primula or dog food this keeps even the most destructive dog amused for ages. I also put a rope on it to chuck around the park.

Very Good

Only toy my 8 month old Rottweiler has not been able to destroy. Would recommend to anyone who has a dog that chews.
07/07/11 | Carol

Not absolutely industructable

My English Bull Terrier is 4 years old and he has had 8 Black XXL Kongs. He takes them everywhere with him and he chews them till there is nothing left - only litle bits of black rubber all over the house. We buy them in 3's now since his first couple, so that he always has one around him. Isn't there something that is industructable - its costing us a bomb!
05/07/11 | Mrs Mortimer

So good we need another

Best toy I ever bought, could be a better colour as our Labradoodle has lost it. We can't find it anywhere so I am now buying 2 more to be on the safe side, at least we can have 1 in the freezer and 1 out to play with.
07/09/10 | Sanny

v good

My dog gets really excited about this toy, it seems unbreakable and you can be v creative with what you fill it with. great
07/09/10 | kea

2 years and still going strong

My American staffy got this toy two years ago for christmas, he loves it so much, plays with it tonnes and the kong still looks like new. great toy, I can definitely recommend it for strong dogs. Sometimes in summer we fill it with a mix of natural yoghurt, dried bananas and a tsp of honey, frozen overnight - a yummy ice cream for hte next day to lick away at.

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