07/30/22 | Kayleigh

Brilliant if you use it right

Back to repurchase for maybe the 5th or 6th time. It’s my lab crosses favourite toy. This is not a toy you leave with your dog to destroy, it’s for engaging with your dog by playing fetch or tug. I was fed up of carrying a launcher everywhere so got a couple of these instead and they are so much better. We’ve lost one to the river, one was thrown with such vigour the ball came off the rope and one was chewed up in the garden when I turned my back. All in all the perfect toy.
04/24/22 | Kathryn

Don't buy this product

I saw there were some bad reviews for this toy, but they didn't worry me as our dog is incredibly gentle with toys and hasn't chewed through anything we've ever given her. Stupid mistake. Within 30 minutes she'd half chewed through the nylon rope, and the rope was fraying and splitting. I wouldn't have been overly worried if it was cotton rope, but as it's nylon this definitely is a choking hazard. Frankly this toy is dangerous and shouldn't be on sale.

Broke within seconds of giving to my puppy jack russell

Kong is supposed to be a known brand for tough toys but my little jack Russell destroyed within 2 minutes of unwrapping

Not a good toy

This is a very dangerous toy with in 5 minutes of my dog having it the string was broken it broke 2 places. So not good if I would of had vet bill. And not lasting 5 minutes
09/21/21 | marc

Dangerous dog toy

Our Cocker-Jack (cocker Spaniel JRT cross) got this pack of three Kong Balls on ropes for his birthday from my mum. we played with it for much less than 10 min's and noticed that on retrieving the toy he'd managed to chew through the NYLON rope and get a long strands stuck in his throat. I got the strands out of his throat and have replaced the rope with a poly cotton rope. NYLON rope has sharp ends that can get stuck in the dogs throat or even worse in his/her intestines needing surgery.
03/05/21 | Rebecca

Get it your dog will love it!

Only downside is that the material of the rope is weird, should have just used normal rope, but otherwise it’s the perfect toy! My 5 month old Rottweiler loves it, ideal for fetching but also for them to pull on. Obviously any puppy would destroy and eat a toy if you leave them to chew on it. This is not the type you leave for them to play with by themselves - in my opinion, it should only be used when you’re playing with them or at least under supervision.

Made my puppy sick

I had previously reviewed this to say that the rope didn't last 5minutes. Well now she's just finished being sick, finding 1-2 very long florescent yellow strings being the reason for it. So not only is it bad value for money but it's also dangerous.
02/02/21 | David King

Lasted all of 5minutes with a puppy.

Considering it's KONG I was shocked to see that my puppy had chewed through the rope within 5minutes. Terrible quality - just an overpriced tennis ball with a hole in it.
11/25/20 | Nancy

Love these!

I run a doggy daycare and these are a fan favourite! They can play tug of war and fetch with them. We really like them 👍🏻
10/11/20 | Sarah

Not built for lasting

My 9mrh Staffordshire bull terrier demolished this toy within 10mins, the rope anyway, the ball as lasted for the moment "fingers crossed"
07/20/19 | NAOMI

Not bad

Dog loves them but don’t let him have them in the home as will destroy will destroy it
06/14/19 | Sandra M

Dogs favorite toy

My dog absolutely loves these, Perfect for long throws! Being a large GSD the ball does, eventually, get crushed, but so does every other toy he owns!

Destroyed in seconds

Just received my order a few minutes ago, I got a few things for my dogs and this was one of them my Labrador has chewed through the rope in a matter of seconds not very durable for a kong toy 😐

Great toy for strong jaws

This is a robust toy which is easy to throw quite a long way. So far it has resisted play by a JRT and a Staffie ad still has the squeaker intact!

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