Good activity

Good activity my dog found it very easy,the base is not sold wood compacted material which my dog did damage when left for a few minutes.
12/07/20 | John Wiltshire

My Dog just loves this

Its double sided: One side has pegs that need to be lifted out, the other side has sliders to move. When I get it out her tail goes barmy. This is a great way to entertain your dog and so good for them too, I've noticed positive changes in her obedience
10/03/20 | Charles H


DO NOT BUY. Very disappointed to find a very sharp nail in one of the recesses where your dog will use his tongue to remove the treat. This was discovered after the dog had used the toy, but luckily before he got to this recess. This should be withdrawn from sale and investigated.
06/11/20 | Tamara

We love this!

This has been great to keep us a little more entertained during lockdown. My Malchi puppy finds it quite easy now but he still loves it and my little boy enjoys watching him too. Back on here to buy one for my mothers dogs
12/14/19 | Kevin

Disappointed customer

I purchased the largest version of the Doggy Brain. My dog is 1yr old,32kg and within minutes he picked up the items slightly, dropped it, and all the wood covers moved so it took seconds. Also noticed that if he had some food material stuck he would try his best to get the food out, hence his teeth impacted the mdf and the mdf broke away quite quick ... so maybe this item should only be for those small/toy dogs

Great idea poor quality

The idea is great yet the quality is poor. Mdf is used - this is not something you want your dogs to ingest and the product easily chips as they scratch or try to nibble to get to the food.
08/02/17 | Mira

Easy but dog loves it

Took my pup about 30 seconds to get the treats out but he still loves it. It's not as challenging as some of the other puzzle toys we have, but this one is his favourite. Added bonus is that he slows down when eating his food. Would recommend this as it's great value for two puzzles.
06/16/17 | Franki

Fun toy

My staffie x spaniel loves this toy. She knows how to find the treats, but still loves to play it. She would destroy it if we just left it out, so we put it away in between games. Good if she hasn't felt challenged enough in the day for tiring her little brain a bit!
01/07/17 | Liva

Fantastic Doggy training

My Dobermans absolutely love this game. You are buying two in one as the games are completely different using both sides of the board. What a great idea! The product is sturdy and very safe. Will guarantee lots of game times for my dogs. Thank you.
10/31/16 | Jana


easy for my 5 month old puppy. Not recommended,
05/25/16 | C Hammond

a bit too easy

Good toy, but a bit too easy for my 1 year old lab, who took 8 mins to figure out how to work out the toy. Not great for value for money.
04/07/16 | Sarah

Too easy

I got this toy for my 6yr old standard schnauzer who is not usually the sharpest tool in the shed but she worked out both puzzles in under 90 seconds! Was hoping it would keep her entertained a bit longer than that. Not very challenging so not sure how useful this product is and question if value for money.

Too easy for three month old collie

Solved very quickly and too easy. Disappointing
06/18/15 | Bev

Doggy Brain Train 2-in-1 Dog Intelligence Toy

My German Shepherd had this toy for a total of 2yrs before her teeth brought an end to it. She enjoyed the tasks and and I have to say she was too intelligent for it. It was too easy for her but she loved playing it again and again. She used her paws to slide the pieces of wood and her nose. And knocked over the egg cups to get the treats. I left my dog alone on one occasion and that is all it took for her to destroy the toy. Always supervise your dog and never leave them alone with this game.
04/15/15 | Stuart Firth

Great Value

Bought for our young Patterdale, she mastered both sides in a few days but she absolutely loves it - insists on having a go every morning before breakfast! Fantastic value for 2 puzzles, with quick delivery
02/15/15 | Michelle Powell

Good fun!

My german shepherd pup loves this! even if it did take him two seconds to figure it out... I like that you can use it in two ways, Well worth the money just for the joy of seeing my puppy play
02/15/15 | Michelle Powell

Great Fun!

Bought this for our GSD pup, he loves it! even if it did take him two seconds to work out! it's well worth the money just to see how much fun he had with it.
12/11/14 | Karen

Great for bored dog

We bought a few Intelligence toys because our lively boxer had an operation on his cruciate and was housebound for weeks and very bored. Even though he worked them out quickly he loves doing them - or is that just because of the cheese and treats he finds!

Bruno the vizsla loves it but bit the sliders

First time Bruno played the slider game, he bit the edges of the sliders to move them. With the edges chewed, the sliders can't slide, so couldn't use it again. Wood is too soft.
10/17/13 | Jean Jackson

Fantastic, Hugo loves it!

Bought this for my miniature schnauzer's first birthday this week, he just loves it! In fact he was barking at it today to use it for his breakfast!! What a fun way to have your daily intake!! Great value for money, we will have this for a long time!

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