01/16/22 | Andy

Best toy ever!

Fabulous for a lively springer, whether tug of war, throwing, chewing or spin the ball around the head (the favourite!) Lasted a couple of months after a few trimmings of the rope as it frays. Just a shame zooplus rarely seem to have them in stock

Fabulous balls

Fabulous balls ,,,,good price long-lasting perfect for throwing you can’t ask for better balls

Broke within the day

Our pup managed to pull the rope from the ball within an hour or so of receiving it.

Rope comes detatched too easily

Good balls and while they last intact with rope they are great. I have bought over 50 of these for a stressie Collie who needs to carry something at all times but on probably 95% of these the rope detatches or hasnt been fixed on securely enough, that said they are one of the better products out there but could be improved on.
02/22/21 | Sue

Didn't last long

Bought for an 8 month old springer puppy, and the ball was half eaten within 5 mins of playtime. Not worth the money if your dog is a chewer
11/24/20 | Sarah

Great cheap throwing balls for fetch

Perfect size for my dog, she loves them. The handles don't last too long but for the price I think they are very good value!
04/20/20 | Fiona

Not Great

I got this for my border collie puppy. When it arrived the cord was frayed and the knot was pretty loose. We managed to tighten the knot up but I don't think it will last very long with the way the cord is.

our dog loves it

Since we've received the ball our bichon frise can't stay still. He totally loves it and we like the throwing handle. If it will help you, I 've made an unboxing video on youtube called Trixie Spielzeug Rubber Ball with Throwing Handle Dog toy so you can make your opinions. The video is not sponsored by any means.
06/18/19 | Annie


Do not listen to any of these bad reviews I have a 50 kg working Doberman who loves balls on ropes these are fantastic great value for money what do you want for £1.50 the same balls cost £599 in big pet stores these are great great great buy them now you won’t be disappointed
03/07/19 | christine willis

dont buy

This toy is terrible my puppy had it all of 5 minutes and had chewed through the string getting it stuck around his teeth. He is a 10 month old westie so not a big dog just glad i was watching him
11/15/18 | sandra jaensch

you get what you pay for

Bought this for for my 6 month old miniature poodle and had to take it from him after 30 mins as he had chewed a hole in it. I got it to replace an old one bought years ago and as the picture looked the same, I thought it would be.(it wasn't) Would not recommend

£10 ball for £1.50 👍👍👍👍

I only ordered one being sceptical on the quality and the price. My GSD gets through balls (and my throwing) means we need lots. The rubber isn’t as thick as more expensive balls but still quality and a nice length rope to play tug or throw. Playing tug did cause the rope to pull out, but went straight back in and nothing a large knot hasn’t fixed. Just ordered the three pack
09/10/18 | Amanda

Finally found a toy that my dog does not get bored with!

These rubber balls with throwing handles keep my dog amused for hours. He loves chasing them or having me chase him for them. Also, he has a playmate and they are always playing with this ball. One dog with the ball in his mouth and the other dog the other end with the rope in his mouth as they tug away together.
10/05/16 | Adrian

Geood value, fly well

We got a few of these for our GSD who can destroy most toys quite quickly - these seem pretty tough and fly really well Downside is they are pretty small (skinny rope and a smaller than tennis ball sized ball - and a choke hazard to our dog). Also the rope knot unraveled quickly, so we havent continued to use them. For a smaller dog (and with a drop of glue on the rope knot) these would be really good fun and great value
12/15/15 | June

fantastic value

My border collie absolutely loves these balls, she refuses to bring them back, so I keep a bucket of them and retrieve them at the end of the day.
10/04/15 | Patricia Heywood

Trixie ball on rope

These balls are amazing and I should know as I've bought loads! I cannot throw most balls very far but these whizz through the air with ease. My three dogs chase these balls daily and two are collie/whippet crosses obsessed with balls. I order them monthly from Zooplus mainly due to the fact that my aim is rubbish and they end up in trees/bushes or in the lake. I used to buy a similar product at over double the price so as I average losing two a week I've made a considerable saving.
05/09/15 | Chris

excellent toy

Have bought so many of these for my own dog and for presents- the price just now of 3.99 for 3 is just amazing value, so I have bought 15 for forthcoming Dog Show prizes. The only ones that don't stick in trees are the ones where the loops have come apart on the handles ! Dogs still find them fine though !
01/28/14 | Katharine Murphy

fantastic for massive dogs

Nearly every ball I have tried my dog has broken. Hades is a Rotti cross german shepard and can unfortunately break balls by mearly trying to hold the ball in his mouth when retreiving it. This product is durable and flys really far as I'm pretty rubbish at throwing. This is an outside ball as a dog would probably chew through rope if left unsupervised.I have bought loads of these. 3 at a time, due to silly male friends throwing them into trees.
12/14/12 | Lizzie

Just the job

My springer loves these long lasting rubber balls on a string - now if you could only teach the owner not to throw them into trees.....
09/06/12 | Victoria

The best ball

We've tried lots of balls on ropes and this is by far the best. The rubber is strong and you can play tug without fear of being left holding the string while your dog runs away with the ball. If, unlike me, you don't accidentally send them into the top branches of trees, they would probably last for years.

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