08/11/22 | Colin, Pippa and Scarlet


First brought these bags a few years ago and loved them, then constantly out of stock.since being back quality has plummeted so thin they spilt down the folds.
07/23/22 | Sam

Thin, difficult to open and split easily

I’ve found these bags very frustrating to use. The adhesive label keeping the roll in tact always ripped a hole in the first bag. Every bag was folded tightly and quite difficult to unfurl. Then they split down the tightly folded seam so easily it was not uncommon to use 3/4 for just 1 pick up. Really disappointing as their eco-friendly and was hoping to use long-term.
07/06/22 | April

Disappointing, easily split.

I bought these bags last year and was very happy with the product, easy to open and strong.I then bought a large batch of wat looks like the same poo bag,but really disappointed as these are harder to open and very easily split down the seam- not recommended.
06/14/22 | Alan

Quality has changed

My first lot of these poo bags were very good. They were strong and easy to open. I initially tried a 20 roll pack and was impressed so bought another 40 rolls. These have been poor quality, thinner and split easily
04/26/22 | Zuzanna

Used to be so good :(

They were our favourite eco-friendly bags, now they're so thin they rip almost every time. It's no longer an eco option if you have to use a whole roll to pick up one poop.
04/19/22 | Catherine

Poop bags too thin

These split before you can even get them off the roll. They are almost impossible to open up when you do get one off the roll Less than 50% success rate I understand saving on material but these have gone too far and they are almost unusable Don’t buy
04/15/22 | Rhiannon

Possibly a bad batch?

I'm wondering if there is a batch of dodgey bags, as previous reviews are all good, which is why I purchased these. However, every other bag splits, which is a bit of a nightmare. Cant wait to finish these so I can get some better quality ones.

Not so good

I was a bit disappointed with these bags and surprised at some of the positive reviews. I found them a bit plasticy, difficult to open, even when you have found the correct end and quite flimsy. Oh, they rip quite easily, so I will have to take great care when finishing the pack, unless I give them away. I doubt very much if I will buy anymore if these.
03/23/22 | Shelagh Linde

Poor quality

Never bought these before but based on the write up I bought 300, they are going in the bin, always holes in them thin material and very narrow making it difficult to pick up poo
02/02/22 | April

Great product

These bags are strong , easy to open and biodegradable.The best I've bought.
07/02/21 | Gillian, Exeter

Best ever

These poo bags are excellent; easy to tear off roll, very easy to open when that moment comes to use, really strong texture and good size. Wouldn’t choose any other make. Thank you Zooplus
08/03/20 | Marlene


Buying these for a long time, they're great! Can grab 2 poops from Lab dogs without any problem!
05/03/20 | Val

Very good, nice size

I got these as a slightly cheaper version of the ones I was using. I have found them excellent to use - a good size, strong and I have not had any issues with the perforations. I am buying again as only got one pack to try them initially.
03/24/20 | Barbara

Very good

Big and strong.
02/09/20 | BeeBee

not great

really wanted to like these expensive bags as the credentials are good and am happy to pay over the odds for something that works but the perforations aren't good which means they tear and makes one in five bags unusable

Poo bags

Nice strong bags, not cheap and flimsy

Good for poo

Never a problem to use.

Great bags for scooping cat litter

We buy the non-flushable cat litter and use these to scoop it every day. Being biodegradable, I don't feel guilty about using lots of plastic bags and they are the perfect size to scoop two litter boxes.
10/30/19 | Cotterpin

Excellent bags

These bags are quite large, strong, supple and easy to use. The only gripe I have is that the paw print sticker which holds the new roll closed is a pain to remove without tearing a hole in the first bag. Can't fault the bags themselves.

Best poo bags for the environment I've found

I've been using these for a few months now. As others have said other bag manufacturers claim their bags are bio degradable but in fact are still plastic with a chemical added to speed breakdown so not environmentally friendly. Some authorities burn their collects dog waste so these bags are best for burning or for landfill as they wont give off nasty fumes. My only wish is that they had tie handles which does make for easier handling, but I'm getting used to them. I won't use anything else now.

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