11/06/21 | John Mitchell


30 cm Roomy for my small chihuahua Jack Russell cross. Other items same size too small. Customer service excellent though. No need to return just sending me replacements in the next size up.

10/21/21 | Tracy - dog mad!

Neon dog coat.

Lightweight and easy to put on your dog. Quite roomy so opt for the exact size of your pooch - DON'T add a couple of centimeters JIC! I have a large border collie and he has the 65cm. My small springer spaniel has the 55cm. The waist strap is velcro so is easily adjusted to fit - the more portly dog will be fine! I'm sort of looking forward to the next late night downpour so I can try them out.

11/15/20 | Ann

excellent raincoat cover

Bought the size 60-cm for my german shepherd & it is really excellent coverage over his back/hind quarters.Fits very well over his body & so easy to put on,really like the wrap round underbody section with the velcro straps fastening on the top. Really waterproof & comfortable for my german shepherd without him overheating.Would highly recommend.

10/05/19 | Jan

Puppy power

Ordered for my Retriever puppy ready for the wet winter. It’s very generous in size but I’m sure he will grow into It! He measured 53 so we ordered 55 as thought 50 would be too small. As it’s generous we might have got away with it. Leg straps are far too long so pretty much redundant for a small dog. Well made and extremely quick service. Bring on Winter 🐾🐾


Ideal for my Cavalier King Charles

I took someone else 's advice and ordered the 30 for my Cavalier and it is still a little bit long but next one down would be too short in the body. yet he measured almost 35 so they are very generous. He soon got used to the elastic under his back legs and trotted along happily. Does the job. Excellent service.

02/25/18 | Sam

Brilliant coats

Bought for both my dogs. Easy to spot them when out on a walk, keeps them dry and they also wash up brilliantly when muddy. They also dry quick too. Love this product.

02/08/18 | Marie Freeman


We have 2 Bearded Collies and needed some kind of coat/jacket to keep them dry in wet weather, not necessarily to keep them warm as they have a thick wool undercoat and a coarse outer coat. These coats are fantastic. They do their job, they keep the dogs dry the fit is excellent, and they are easy to put on. Also they wash well at 30 degrees and they do not lose their performance. hence the reason for buying another 2 jackets for when the others are washed. Excellent product

02/04/17 | Russell Thomas

Great coat for long haired dog

We have a large for breed Wheaten Terrier and this is a terrific coat (size 50com). He does not like it much but it saves so much washing - we only have to do his legs after a muddy walk. He does not care how muddy he is but we do indoors! He is almost 9 now and about the buy our third coat as one is fit for bin and we need two so we always have a dry one for him. Such a darling!

10/12/16 | Shelley

Brilliant coat

Excellent coat for my Border collies despite running and jumping at high speed the coats don't move! Brilliant!



A very good, high quality product. Recommended. :-)

10/06/15 | Fiona Mullen

5 Happy Beagles

Bought the 45cm version for my 5 beagles and they fit brilliantly - they are just long enough to cover the top of their tail all the way up past the their collars. The chest/tummy area is well protected and the only bits that now get wet are the tail, head and legs. The coats wash well and only take seconds to put on. Also makes it much easier to spot them all when they run free in the scrub woodland. Highly recommend them.


very tough and durable

great coat, I bought two of the size 40cm for my working cocker spaniels and put their harnesses on top and keeps them nice and dry from drizzle and wet grass, plus they stay in place through rolling and running about/through hedges, etc.. Easy to wash and dry as well

03/12/15 | Claire Barker

Great Coat

This is a fabulous coat, it not only protects from the rain but also from splashes underneath, nice clean dry tummy. Also, I live in France and when the chasse are out it protects him from stray gunfire, also makes it easier for me to spot him when he's off digging somewhere. It fits well is easy to get on and off and it stays put. Altogether a fabulous product, highly recommended.

02/04/15 | David Cuddihy

Illume Nite Neon Dog Coat

I ordered two of these coats they arrived today in perfect condition. on looking at the photographs of them on a dog I put them on so the waist strap was around the coat on the outside, I noticed that the rain would run down the side of the coat and pool in the part under the body so the next time I had them on my dogs I put the waist band Under the coat and pulled the back over and secured the coat using the elastics at the legs, they sat perfectly well and if it rains now, the water would just run off the coat and keep the dogs dry, so despite using a different way to put them on I think these are excellent coats and glad I got them.

01/08/15 | B J Jones

Very generous coat

I always get a 40cm coat for King Charles Spaniels and the fit is perfect. However, these brilliant coats are very generous in size and style. The 70cm fits my German Shepherd ideally (that length is usually a bit short on her). But if you have a smaller, shorter dog I would suggest you buy one or two sizes smaller. Have just ordered three of the 30cm coats for the Spaniels.

01/06/15 | Ellie


Fantastic coat for the money, I have 2 boxers who hate the cold and wet. These coats fit well they protect the underneath of the dog and are easy to put on and off, saves smelly wet and cold dogs messing up the house, best value for money. The sizes are a true fit.

11/17/14 | Jane Hutton

Keeps them dry as well!

I bought the size 65cm for my 2 Labradors which are a bit too big, but the waist strap and back leg ties keep the jackets secure. They have given them severe quality control - running through streams, rolling in fox poo and walking through rain and it all worked, plus they were so visible under car headlights in the dark. Very pleased and have recommended them already!

11/01/14 | Anne Douglas

Another excellent product from Zooplus

If your dog is slim it might not be suitable as they come up on the wide size but I just ordered the smaller size and that was perfect 3rd coat I have purchased from here what a wonderful service they give u and prices are brill.

01/27/14 | Val B-Baxter

Super practical coat

Excellent design, really doesn't slip and easy to get on and off. Well made, recommend highly. Excellent customer service from Zooplus again...many thanks guys.

11/03/13 | mrs drinkall

very good

Purchashed 2of these for my shihtzu's they fit great keeping them dry &clean well apart from their feet &head.only alittle snipe there is no slot for alead attached to a harness but seeing as im handy at that sort of stuff not to much of a problem .