Almost perfect dog bed

I purchased the original bed in Dec '17 and am now splashing out by ordering the second (Jan '20). I have 3 RRs: one big girl (42kg) and two average size (35kg) & they can settle themselves very comfortably in this without any fuss. So why only "almost" perfect? For whatever reason, the occasional leakage from my older girl has recently started to seep in the foam. While the cover is very easy to clean and maintain, I'm conceding defeat with the inner and going for broke by replacing it all.
12/08/19 | Nina

Love these two beds mixed together

I have always got this bed for my dogs as they can all fit in there, however they have started digging at the material and tearing it in no time, I had to change the bed and got one of the Mattress types, the material of the mattress type one was amazing and will withstand how much the dogs dig at it, Then I came up with the fantastic idea of folding the mattress type in half and placing in this bed with the built up sides as the dogs all enjoy resting their heads on the side. Result!


We have bought 4 of these over the last few years the first two were fab & lasted well but unfortunately the last two we bought , have not lasted at all within 2 months the leather look fabric had started to peel off .
01/22/19 | Anne Roberts

Signs of wear after only 3 months

Middle is sagging and the outer coating of the leather look is starting to peel away in quite a few places in the middle, will be looking to replace in the next few weeks, not impressed at all!! They look good initially, but not made to withstand big dogs in my opinion!
09/22/17 | Claire

Fab Bed

My 3 dogs love snuggling up together which has always resulted in very stinky sweaty beds and dogs I decided to look for something more hygienic. I ordered the Granite Grey: 85 x 70 cm (L x W) hygienic bed and it's fabulous, plenty big enough for my 2 chihuahuas and mini dachshund and a blanket for them to snuggle on. It's well padded and looks very comfy easy to clean I just wash the blanket and wipe the bed over with a anti bac wipe. My dogs love it and so do I well recommended xx
04/06/17 | Val Hitchens


Had an extra large bed for two dogs to share. They loved it (along with my small grandson who after it was cleaned used it for a ball pool!) For more than 5 years it has been brilliant, so easy to clean. Now the time has come to replace it for a smaller one as it needs replacing for a smaller one. My remaining dog refuses to sleep on an ordinary dog bed. Needs to have a treat so I hope the smaller size is to his liking!
11/17/16 | inga buckley

great but don't buy it for 39.99!it's normally 29.99 mid size!

great beds..hygienic, durable, look good..however, the price keeps oscillating on zooplus..i bought little one for 19.99 then the nextsize up 29.99..now for some reaosn the "sale" price and the RRP has hiked up 10-20 quid! they make it all up..be aware. so yes great value but i'm not buying another until the price goes back down!before it said rrp 25 pounds..now rrp is 35 and the sale price 25!come on zooplus..
09/24/16 | Mandy Lowe


My brother had one of these for his cockers and a labrador. When we we visit him our elderly lab claimed their bed. So as an early Christmas present Guinness is now the proud owner of one of these beds. He loves it... although we bought the medium size .. he snuggles up and looks really comfy.. considering buying another as a spare/for travelling just in case they are ever discontinued. Excellent value and easy clean. Speedy delivery too!!

PERFECT!!!! Excellent value too

Had this bed for a long time now, looks as good as new. Very easy to wipe clean. Very high quality. Very comfy, lots of padding. Dogs love it and I have finally found a bed that will last!!
12/13/15 | John

Lasted under a week

I got this bed for the car to replace an old bed that was still intact but just fraying a little. I thought the new bed would fit the bill, being easy to keep clean. My dog only chews on very rare occasions - but she seemed to have taken a dislike to this new bed (possibly because of its cold, vinyl-type, covering) which because the covering is extremely thin and not at all durable, she chewed through within a matter of a few days. I've gone back to the old bed - comfy, hard-wearing and washable - until I can find a decent quality new bed to replace it. If your dog is prone to chew, don't buy this bed - it wouldn't survive the first day!

The Best Dog Bed You Can Buy

We have spent hundreds of pounds on fabric dog beds over the years which can't easily be washed and end up smelling and being thrown away. With these beds we use fresh clean old towels and whenever they're dirty or smelly we swap them over. Problem solved. We've recommended these beds to family and friends who have also been delighted. They are vey well made but dogs that like to chew may get into the corner/seams and into the foam but this is no fault in the design. Highly highly recommended. You also cannot find anything similar in the high street. Well done Zoo Plus on sourcing such a great product.
11/05/15 | Donna Moore


This is the best dog I have ever bought in all the years of owning dogs. My old staffy dog loves it so much using the sides as pillows etc. I got one for my daughters dog and she curls up so well in it. I have purchased another for the lounge as cracker loves it so much. It has helped his aching bones. He gets up a lot easier now after a night of snoring. A bonus is that it can be wiped out with disefectant easily after sandy walks on the beach. Brilliant
05/30/15 | Alison Vaughan

Our Greyhounds Love These

The boys love their beds. We find them light, easy to clean / move around and very robust - although our boys do not chew their beds fortunately. We've had ours for over 12 months and they look as good as the day they arrived. Still a great price for the product too. We bought the largest size so there was room for a cosy quilt in winter and the boys can stretch out, each in their own bed. We remove the quilts in warmer weather to help keep them cool. Highly recommended.
02/08/15 | Helen Simmonds


My dogs love this bed and snuggle in together Easy to clean and hairs don't cling to it, better still it can be wiped clean and doesn't smell

My dogs love these beds

I have 2 of these beds in different sizes and they are comfy for both my arthritic collie and my lurcher. They are in daily use and I have had them for more than a year and they are like new. Very satisfied


This looked good, but was all fur coat n no knickers! All the padding was around the edge, the middle flattened like a pancake after a week. A month down the line its in the bin, gaping hole in middle( my EBT likes to twirl to get comfy) as material flimsy. Plus i think it the memory foam (what there was of it) that fell out made my dogs allergies worse! Wouldnt buy one at half the sale price!
09/03/14 | Ellie Goldbach

poor quality

I paid over 70 quid for a large one. Two hours after receiving it my dog had ripped a whole corner off. I don't think the fake leather (vinyl) cover is thick enough. Its poor quality for the money. Sorry to be negative. Seen better on the market.
06/26/14 | Sue


This bed is fantastic..I board dogs and first call for each one that stays is to take ownership (from my easy going Labrador) of this comfy well designed and very good value doggie couch..I will be purchasing another one!
06/23/14 | Lorna

Highly recommend

I brought this bed for our dog as he has joint problems. He is definitely less stiff since he has been using this bed. I was concerned that he wouldn't like it but he loves it even preferring this bed to our sofa. It's easy to clean & very light weight. To date there has been no wear issues to the corners that other buyers have experienced but then our dog is not a scraper & does not eat chews etc in his bed. One very happy dog & owner.
03/24/14 | owner of beautiful boxer x staffie

excellent bed

I read all the reviews on this bed and was worried about the stitching. for obvious reasons but I check it every ither day and no signs of the stitching coming away. and my girl makes a hell of a mess with chews and her blankets. I was also worried as she doesnt like beds that have a side but she want happy with having a mat as she paws around and makes it into a ball and then sits looking at it this she cant do on her new bed shes had it a month and she loves it very happy puppy and owner :) I would recommend it.

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