04/22/22 | Tanya

Game changer

My cat absolutely loves it, as soon as I open the drawer where I keep the paste, she sprints across the house. I noticed her coat became even shinier and very soft. I will definitely keep repurchasing this product.


They all love it

One of the best treats for mine, they come running for it! Hopefully it's as good for them as it tastes.

04/28/15 | Lucky

a little health boost

I put a blob of this on my cats complimentary wet food every now and then to ensure he gets an extra dose of vits. Brilliant stuff.


They go crazy for this paste!!

If I let them, they would hoover up the whole tube at once!! :) It must be very tasty... I will definitely order this product again.


All the cats like it

Good to spice things up a bit, whet the appetite, or as a reward for Clickertraining. My cats love this paste.

04/24/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great for giving tablets

My cat has epilepsy and has to take tablets twice a day. Thanks to this paste, this is completely stress free and easy. He looks forward to getting his 1cm of paste every day. He seems to really like the taste, and it even gives him the vitamins he needs. A big thank you from us!!!

02/24/14 | Jenny Mark

Amazing Product! LOVED by my sphynx

My Sphynx is usually not interested in cat treats-- But she LOVES this paste!! She pretty much holds the tube in both paws and feeds herself!! she loves it! Good to know shes getting a treat that's good for her too :)


Effective and yummy

I used to give Katalax to my cats to prevent hairballs. This is much better value and just as effective. My cats love the taste.


great for ferrets to

great as a treat also keeps active animals still for examination or nail clipping etc- must have iteam

09/11/09 | Astrid

A perfect reward!

Our 3 Persians just can't get enough of this vitamin paste. They will all suck it straight out of the tube and would keep going until it was empty! I use it as a treat when grooming or clipping claws and it works. A must have 5* product.

12/01/06 | Barbarella

A healthy treat!

My persian lady Janelle von Fluffenstein loves the taste of it and she licks it straight from the tube every day... great because it´s a treat AND healthy at the same time!