Handy and easy to use.

This grass planter is a great size, the grass lasts approximately 3 weeks in this if you keep watering it every other day. Easy to keep clean and replant.
06/03/21 | Alex

My cat loves it

I got this for my indoor cat and she loves it. It's easy to grow and lasts a while before the grass needs to be replaced. Super simple to clean and set up, just overall a great addition. Just a note - consider buying 2. When the grass needs replacing your cat is without it for a couple of weeks until it's ready again. I've just bought my second planter to use on rotation.
05/26/20 | Antea


Had it for about 4 years now and it is great, we don’t use the coverage on top or the plastic (found it a bit useless) but the drain works well and catnip grows a treat!
03/07/20 | Tracy

Foolproof, and very satisfying

The "instructions" consist of a few images on the box, similar to the image on Zooplus. I didn't really follow these and had no idea how much water to use. I later saw 'www.catit.com/uk/senses-2-0-grass-planter-getting-started' which is completely different! Nevertheless 3 days later the seeds began to sprout, and after another 3 days lush green grass was plentiful. I left it too late to put the mesh top on, as it grows so fast. There is something strangely therapeutic about watching it grow!
11/24/18 | Helen

In constant use - I have two on the go

This is used by all three cats and the best way of growing grass without having earth and mess everywhere. It is easy to keep clean and as they pull out grass it does not make a mess; the vermiculite growing medium is much cleaner than earth. I have two on the go, one sprouting every two weeks while they eat the grown one. it is easy to move around and keeps them healthy.
01/15/18 | Maria


My boy is an indoor cat and does not have access to a garden. I buy grass and this grass planter is excellent as it refrains my boy from making a mess as he only has access to the grass and not the soil. I do recommend this planter.

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