Great tree, well worth the price!

My cat loves it! She is still a little unsure about the very top bed and doesn't go this high but she loves it. She climbs up and down on it like a crazy cat! Loves jumping up from it on the couch and back up again. Not the most stable one (we didnt fix it to the wall yet) but it's ok for her as she is about 4kg only. Well worth the price for so much happiness and it looks good too!

06/14/22 | Georgia millington

Very lightweight

It's very very light that my NFC cat tried climbing it one night and it fell on me whilst I was in bed. Unless you're going to attach it to a wall I wouldn't recommend

06/09/22 | Helen

Would no buy again

I got this stand got it fixed to my wall then I noticed that the beds wouldn’t fix on the fitting are not the same in the description a danger to my cats if they fell of with them in it for the price not worth the money


Lovely cat tree

I do love this cat tree but do advice to fix it to the wall, ours fell whilst free standing however luckily our cats were not hurt! It is big and strong, just wish the beds were a bit more padded on the inside base too.

06/07/22 | Sonia

Amazing product

I was looking for something tall for my two bengals, and this is truly an amazing find. It is very sturdy, and high quality. I didn’t montage the lowest bed shelf, only two top ones which I find very helpful - you can decide yourself. My cats love it!


Best purchase

My cats just love this. One sleeps on this daily, right at the top, the other sometimes on the platform beneath, and both chase each other up and down it regularly. Probably the only cat item which is used every day without fail. Nice and solid so no fear of it falling. We had a slight issue with dodgy fixings on arrival but Zooplus sorted it and we found a way to get it up. You need space for this - it’s a monster!

03/01/22 | Sally Smalley


My cats love this tree, it’s attached to the wall, which gives me peace of mind, as they fly up and down it. They also love to cuddle in the beds.

12/04/21 | Scottishfold_mama

Best thing we own 😼

We love our cat home me and my brother share it every single night and it’s perfect for us to escape to when we have unwanted visitors 😸 Our cousins got the same as us after seeing ours and they love theirs too! Get it you won’t be disappointed very sturdy and will last a very long time 😻

09/17/21 | janette collins

Paradise tower

The tower itself is fine, but the cushion pads get tatty and you can not buy replacements, I think that is the only downside to this product. Hopefully in the future they will start supplying the spare cushion pads that are needed.

05/25/21 | Helen

Great stand

My cats love it it would be great if you could buy the posts and bed separate as my ones are needing replaced but all the wood is fine and it’s on the wall I have asked zooplus just waiting on them getting back to me it would save me some money x

05/21/21 | Denise Allman


On opening and checking all the parts,5 bolts, used to assemble,were missing.Have arranged to return

05/10/21 | Michelle

Large cat tree loved by kitten

Purchased for our new 14 week female kitten, she couldn’t wait to climb up it while it was being built. Later settled down on one of the highest platforms. Able to scramble up and down it with ease. Delivery - had some issues, but that will be taken up with that company.


Wow - My cats love it

I have 2 adult cats and they love love love this tower. Their only issue is there is just one top bunk which they of course both want. It is their favourite place for sleeping and surveying the room.

02/26/21 | Kitana

Absolutely fabulous

I spent what felt like a lifetime looking online for a cat tree that was big enough for my 12ft ceilings but also didn’t cost a fortune. I found this and it’s brilliant. Very easy to put together. Excellent value. Cats love it! Plus I always get compliments from guests, a lovely design would look great in any room. It is a bit wobbly but it comes with something to attach it to the wall- a year later we haven’t attached it but it hasn’t fallen over yet:) 3 cats, 2 over 5kg and a kitten no issues

01/28/21 | Queenie


Wow impressive. The quality and the cost. My cat was scared at first, my throught was , how is going to get down, assuming she braves it climbing up. After a week her curiosity got the better of her, she climbed to the top, then went behind it to climb down into the 2nd bed. Now there's no stopping her. This has defo improved her confidence. Defo recommend

01/27/21 | Kasia

Best scratching post so far

My cats absolutely love it! They turned into little monkeys and keep jumping on it, scratching, hanging from it, sleeping lol it's in constant use would highly recommend.

01/23/21 | Sam Joslyn

My cats are unsure

This is taller than my wardrobe and our cats are too scared to climb it lol. They love the plush beds and will happily sleep there as long as we put them in it - we make sure there's a comfortable way to get down though, as it really is high and easy for them to land badly. We have had issues trying to screw it to the wall, but it's secure enough that it doesn't wobble (even with two british shorthairs on it), though it is braced beside our wardrobe.

11/20/20 | Porsha

Good value

Brilliant for small spaces, excellent quality I couldn't reach to put top bit on, but it was so close to ceiling I decided not to struggle and used shelving brackets under beds for support. Porsha loves going high and this is the post for her

07/12/20 | Banu Gul

Very sturdy very good quality and good looking cat tree ever..

I purchased this cat tree, after a long search even on Ebay or Amazon and I’m very happy what I’ve received. First we started to set up it seems a bit Pisa Tower in Italy however once we finished it and fixed it to the wall it’s so sturdy and so Good looking setting for the cats. Everyone asking me where I got it from. At least 20 of my new pet parents was given your website’s name.. ☺️

07/12/20 | Peter

Not suitable for kittens

Its too high, my young cat fell asleep in one of the beds and fell out and really hurt himself. Its not suitable for kittens.